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  1. Few requests to be added to the next game: -Reduce the amount of fixed actions to score a goal. This time we have: the ball from the wingers that ends on the far post 100% score short passing corners that enables sick rebounds between defenders 100% score long passing throw in that enables sick reactions from defenders, unable to take the ball, and leave it to unmarked player 100% score - Increase the value of a good tactic instead of single player evaluation - Allow, in online games, to play the matches asynchronously. Running a 50 player online tournament i have to set workarounds to have them all playing in different days - Balance the field factor, as it is now provides a huge advantage for home team. With more or less 300 games played in an online season, roughly 70% of the game are won by home team - Increase the feedback from the players to team/individual orders in the tactic as it looks like they've been lost during matches - Increase the amount of passes to an unmarked player from the goal line or inside the goal area Thank you for your effort so far
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