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    My names is Alessandro and i\'m 19 years old. I come from Naples, in Italy and i\'m a very very fan

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    Football Manager series!
  1. i just want to say: please, to the people that want to say no to STEAM: don't just make problems on the forum, DO NOT BUY THE GAME DEFINITELY, that one is the only way to have some attention on our "NO TO STEAM". i'm also disappointed about...the SI\SEGA staff because they cannot say to us: -doesn't change anything for the genuine customers- or something like that. i'm genuine customers too of FM\CM by 10-11 years....and for me change a lot because i cannot play anymore with FM. my 2 cent,
  2. i have got all the copy of the game since 2001 edition. All of them payed (just some for free because of the italian research\testing). but i still don't agree with this decision. I feel bad because of that...sorry
  3. you found the solution just for yourself (or your company), not for the customer.your decision, ok, but lot of people didn't like it... no FM customer anymore.
  4. i'm not gonna buy fm anymore, because of steam "decision". thanks SIGAMES for your decision, i don't agree with you. quite upset about....but, that's all. i will quit FM\CM after 10-11 years (i have all original copy of the game).