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    Fanatical Burnley FC Supporter been playing FM since Champ Man 99

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    Football, Golf blah blah blah

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  1. But you're quite right when you put it like that, it just got me thinking.
  2. Sorry Hunter, there's just no other explanation except the Illuminati! I'm the best player on FM in the history of the world so it can't be anything I'm doing
  3. I don't mean to sound like a conspiracist but is there writing within the programming that makes the game harder the more hours you accumulate. This is now the 5th time i've started a new save on FM16 and they've gotten progressively harder and harder, my latest one is an absolute nightmare-i just can't buy a win!! Do you think something like this will exist? It would make sense from a game developer perspective, if you've put 500 hours into a game then it would make sense to make it it more challenging as the player should be more experienced.
  4. Is there any way we can find out which online providers offer the BETA for a pre-purchase? or is it just a case of any game purchased online that uses a steam key will have access?
  5. Dafuge- If that picture is a hospital records logo then you're a top man!!
  6. Completely solved my issue anyway. I signed Andy Carroll instead, best 10 mil I ever spent!!!
  7. Does anybody have any thoughts on playing a DF with a shadow striker? I too am playing as man united and (no regrets) blew my budget on signing Vardy, Vardy is doing ok I guess he's scoring goals but I'm really not getting much out of Rooney who is playing just behind him in SS. SS is apparently his best role too! I play a 4 2 3 1 so it's not a quite an 'up top' partnership. any thoughts would be appreciated
  8. You've clearly discovered the in-game editor so you could maybe use that if there's a way to up your rep? or can't you just use it to add yourself as England manager?
  9. Thank you for clearing up what an International club is for me
  10. I'm spending this weekend re-evaluating my life
  11. UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I've gotten everybody in the office twice this morning and I go and fall for that myself ashamed! Thanks gunner
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