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  1. Playing on Samsung Tab S3. Sometimes goals highlights are skipped and just cut off while score changes. Cannot even to see replay because it cuts off in the middle. This problem reported also on IOS. SI, please finish your unfinished product
  2. This was reported and even can be easily reproduced in any device (in my Samsung S3 it occurs often) but SI, instead of proper QA and fixing, started already to work on FMT 20 and will not fix FMT 19. Unprofessional
  3. Same problem for my Samsung S3. Happens very often, each 2nd-3rd match. Usually only the beginning of episode with the goal is shown, then it cuts off and score changes, then it hangs in replay for 10-15 sec, and the match continues. Usually these are my goals that are missing, but in last match it was opponent's goal, interesting that in this case the episode was not shown at all, even the beginning. The ball (goal mark) is still shown on the timeline. After match "replay goals" also shows only the beginning of the episode. The goal scorer still appears in match report and the goal description is also present. Hope this info will help you to fix this
  4. Looks like it was fixed, at least for my Samsung Tab S3. Great job!
  5. Go to Preferences -> Match -> Speed between highlights. Set it to maximum
  6. Go to Android -> data -> sportsinteractive.fmt.19 -> files -> installed -> application_support -> Sports Interactive -> Football Manager 19 Touch -> Caches And delete all the files there Then restart the game, it may take a while, be patient
  7. Me to, used in FMT 18 without issues. Tab S3. FMT 19 didn't play yet
  8. It was also in FMT 18. I don't play 19 yet, but in FMT 18 I noticed it was stuck mostly after an own goal scored.
  9. May be you accidentally checked on "remove league restrictions" when created a save on PC? This way it is not compatible with tablet (which have max. 3 leagues, small database and other limitations) and have another file format
  10. There are 2 ways to make a sub: 1) In 'make a sub' screen (icon with 2 arrow on floating bar) Try to drag (using the position tile on the left - CD, MC, MR, AML etc.) the player you want to enter the pitch and drop onto the player you want to leave the pitch. You can only to make a sub and/or change player roles here. No formation changes allowed 2) in Tactics screen Also use drag and drop the player tiles from the bench to the pitch, it is easier than in #1 above. You can also change your formation and instructions here, not just make a sub. Hope this helps.
  11. Same issue for me, reported it for fmt 19 and fmt 18 on samsung tab s3 here:
  12. I don't know regarding these devices, but be sure - 3D will be laggy. Even in better tablets like Samsung Tab S3 it lags
  13. May be for you its not, but for me - even after last update it is unfinished and still contains bugs. But at least playable. And the major issue : look onto changelist of last 19.1.4 version for example - there are some fixes that force player to start new save. I like long saves (20-25 seasons) and have no time and intention to start new save because of some bug that may ruin the save in the long term and get a fix in one of updates (but its too late for me), so I will wait for the last one. Last year, for example, I noticed that the regen face and look on his avatar don't match how he looks in-match in 3D (even sometimes the skin color is different), I reported it but nobody fixed. It quite ruined for me the pleasure to play the game but it is still playable, OK. So I play the 80%-90% finished product, its OK in comparison to how it looks on release date.
  14. But the game is simply unplayable until the last update. Year after year
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