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  1. I know that SI staff are busy with FMT 19, but, at least, please read these forums and prevent this bug in FMT 19. For me it makes the game completely unplayable in 3D. Also I don't understand how this passed QA. Do you test your game on stability and bugs after 10-15 seasons? I regret that I bought FMT 18, 17 was far better
  2. Actually, ALL the players looks completely different in match and on photo. Very strange and annoying
  3. Playing in 2027, I have some Brasilian regen. On photo he has light skin and ginger hair. In match he has dark skin and black hair. Screenshots attached.
  4. oleg8979

    FMT19 just one thing I ask

    Sorry for my interruption into your discussion. But I have to tell something. I understand that lower details will help to improve performance. But we can still notice that advertising boards are still HD and there is no possibility to disable them, they definitely slows things down, this is annoying - SI prefer to get more money from advertisers instead of consumer satisfaction. FMT 18 is the worst ever and I will not buy 19
  5. A couple of short videos to illustrate it better FMT18_1.mp4 FMT18_2.mp4 FMT18_3.mp4 FMT18_4.mp4
  6. Hi Adam, That was a hard task to catch it... Please see attached 4 screenshots of same moment from different cameras. You can see some white (bright) flash from the right to the keeper upfield. Hope this helps. During the match often it flashes on the whole pitch but here (when it covers only the part of the pitch) you can see it more clear I think
  7. Any reply on this? I've seen on this forum that somebody else have the same issue on samsung device, it is pretty annoying. You cannot release unfinished product and expect your customers to be loyal, this version (18) is awful, I will definitely not buy the 19 if you will continue to bring this game into wrong direction, sorry
  8. Playing on Samsung Tab S3, previously on S2. Both tablets have the same issue: during the match there is occasionally white flashing on all 3D cameras. Some matches more often, some less often. It looks like something related to stadium light, because the flash comes from the above of the pitch. When I click on pause exactly during the flash and switch different 3D cameras - it appears on all cameras. Very annoying and frustrating. I will post some screenshots if it helps.
  9. Fix the in-match graphics please, like it was in FMT 17... In FMT 18 the graphics is pixelated, screen constantly blinkers, I really regret that I uninstalled FMT 17 and moved to FMT 18. If FMT 19 will have the same poor graphics, I will not buy it.
  10. I recently bought S3 as a replacement for S2. And it is good in 3D and doesn't lag at all, comparing to S2 that was quite laggy. Graphic details are still the same, but it is intended behavior... So, may be, something wrong in your tablet config / settings? I don't sure that Shield will be better. The only one that is definitely better is newest IPad Pro
  11. OK, thanks. At least my tablet is OK But, in my opinion, SI may add the possibility to decide about details level for us, if it is possible, of course. Some slider in match settings (outside the match, of course). It would be great to hear official feedback from SI staff.
  12. Sorry if already asked, I could not find on forums... I used to play on Tab S2 and understood that, due to this device is not the newest and most poweful, the match graphics details in FMT 18 are degraded comparing to FMT 17 (no weather conditions, no shadows from lights etc.), also the game is laggy. I bought the Tab S3 recently, as I heard that the match looks better (or at least runs smoother) on it, anyway I wanted to replace my tablet to something better. OK, the game runs now faster, the in-match UI doesn't lag, but the details are the same (degraded comparing to FMT 17), I mean still no weather conditions can be seen (rain, snow), resolution is not HD and is blurry a bit, etc. The question is: is it intended to be this way and to behave like this? Or something wrong with my tablet and / or its configuration. I expected to see the full details and HD graphics on S3. Thanks in advance
  13. Hi Luke, I uploaded a save dated 31-Jul-20 (a day before the message pops in the inbox) everton_top_goal_scorer_issue_oleg8979.fmv Hope that helps
  14. Hi Luke, I have a save dated 7-Jul-20, after the initial apply for work permit was rejected but before the appeal was rejected and the player was signed (the screenshot above is 9-Jul-20 - the date the player was signed) everton_work_permit_issue_oleg8979.fmv Hope that helps
  15. Very strange. Obviously bug. Screenshot attached. How the reserve player of newly promoted team who didn't play a single game can be the favourite? Not gamebreaking but still bug...