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  1. oleg8979

    Flickering during match engine

    Same issue for me, reported it for fmt 19 and fmt 18 on samsung tab s3 here:
  2. I don't know regarding these devices, but be sure - 3D will be laggy. Even in better tablets like Samsung Tab S3 it lags
  3. May be for you its not, but for me - even after last update it is unfinished and still contains bugs. But at least playable. And the major issue : look onto changelist of last 19.1.4 version for example - there are some fixes that force player to start new save. I like long saves (20-25 seasons) and have no time and intention to start new save because of some bug that may ruin the save in the long term and get a fix in one of updates (but its too late for me), so I will wait for the last one. Last year, for example, I noticed that the regen face and look on his avatar don't match how he looks in-match in 3D (even sometimes the skin color is different), I reported it but nobody fixed. It quite ruined for me the pleasure to play the game but it is still playable, OK. So I play the 80%-90% finished product, its OK in comparison to how it looks on release date.
  4. But the game is simply unplayable until the last update. Year after year
  5. Better wait for last update, March 2019. Before that I wll play fmt 18
  6. oleg8979

    Samsung Tab S3 in match graphics

    My 2D is good. 3D sometimes lags, but still OK and playable.
  7. oleg8979

    Samsung Tab S3 in match graphics

    Hi Adam, I reported it here (FMT 18) With screenshots and short videos It occurs mainly in matches played at evening, when stadium lights are on, so I suppose the lights are related somehow to this issue Thanks, hope this helps
  8. Guys, can you see some pattern which repeats itself year after year? On the release date (version 1) the game is so buggy, almost unplayable. People report bugs and SI releases some hotfix (version 1.1) or even two. At december-january there is a major update (version 2) which fixes most of the bugs but often introduces new ones. After the newly created bugs reported, SI releases more hotfixes or two (version 2.1, 2.2 etc). And finally, at March there is a data update plus major bugs fix, most of the bugs from versions 1 and 2 are fixed now and we have playable and (almost) bugs free version 3. Sometimes new bugs introduced again, but SI don't fix anymore, may be just some minor and unimportant patches like Facebook related stuff (??), they rush to the new version (to be released at October-November). And we remain with almost finished but still undercooked product until the next year's version 3. Never finished 100%. Hope they will not ban me now. But it is my opinion. The question is - why on release date the product cannot be like version 3? I mean, there is no bugs free soft in the world, but at least playable and stable. And then they can fix the bugs in patch or two and give us finished product?
  9. oleg8979

    Samsung Tab S3 in match graphics

    Any reply from SI will be appreciated. I mean regarding the issue # 2. At least like "we tried to reproduce it with FMT 18 and FMT 19, and failed, it works perfect in house". I remember that somebody else reported similar issue with FMT 17, and somebody else with FMT 18, that means the issue is not only on my device. Is there any way to disable the stadium lights, which is the root of problem I guess?
  10. I don't know about the full version, but in FMT SI even introduce new bugs which can be easily spotted after 10 minutes of QA - like inability to choose manager's experience / reputation when starting new career. Strange
  11. After FMT 18 (disaster), I will be smarter now and wait for 3rd patch (19.3), before that I will continue with FMT 18. SI don't pay me for QA, so lets give somebody else to find and report bugs.
  12. You should ask the developers, not me I am just a customer
  13. My question is : how the bugs like this, which can be spotted easily, pass QA?
  14. oleg8979

    Samsung Tab S3 in match graphics

    The problem is that the tablet is quite good and popular (I suppose so), and I'm not the only one who reported the issue #2 for FMT 18, and even I got a response like "we will investigate", but the issue is still there in FMT 19. And it was also on my previous tablet - S2. Very strange, it looks like SI cannot reproduce it or just feel that this is not so big issue
  15. oleg8979

    Samsung Tab S3 in match graphics

    2D is great , may be, but I want 3D.