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  1. Unfortunately somebody purchased the Samsung laptop that you recommended. I currently have a Dell Latitude E5420 . These are the specs " Can you Run It " told me. " Intel® Core i5-2430M CPU @ 2.40GHz Manufacturer: Intel Speed: 2.4 GHz Category: Mainstream Generation: 9th Brand: Core i5 2nd Gen Cores: 2 Everything is okay but it says dedicated vram needed for football manager 2015 is 128mb but I only have 64mb. Will it matter that much? How do I improve it also?
  2. Okay I've narrowed it down to four laptops. Again all I'm asking is out of these four which is the best value for money and will be able to run football manager 16 effectively. Regardless of the price on Amazon, all of these are 270€ from Tesco except for the Samsung which I would be buying online but is refurbished with only 30 days warranty. I personally would rather buy it new than refurbished especially with it coming from UK and only having 30 days warranty just for the ease of mind but if the value is that substantial to take a risk on it I'd love to know as I could maybe organise a warr
  3. I'm thinking about getting this laptop. Will fm 2016 work well on this ?http://www.laptopsdirect.ie/a2-refurbished-lenovo-x201-core-i5-520m-4gb-160gb-webcam-wireless-12.1-inch-a2-x201/version.asp
  4. I've posted on r/suggestalaptop , r/footballmanager , they all told me to go here. I'm getting a new laptop , I need it to run fm 16 well , I'm only planning on creating a club in eng conference and sticking with them throughout. Apart from microsoft office , youtube , and internet browsing that's all I need of it. My cap is 300 , I just want it to run well , I don't mind if it's refurbished but it needs warranty. I'm from Ireland but could buy from uk if it's in budget. Can you recommend any specific laptops?
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