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  1. Yeh turns out I needed to load all players as only one of them would show up, it was just weird as I put them all on the same favourite personel of each other so thought that would show up even if they werent in the game.
  2. I've made a few players in the editor, I loaded up the database just to check I was doing it right and the player I made showed up fine but since then I've made 7 more players and an agent but when I start a new game the original player I made is showing up and so is the agent but the other 7 players arent in the game. Does anyone know what the issue is?
  3. Just finished my first season, managed to win the league although it was more the fact that every title challenger went through a bad spell at one point. Hertha Berlin were top at half way and then threw it all away. Got knocked out the europa league in the semi's to Man United, lost whatever the german cup is called in the semis to Mainz. League: Transfers: Getting Munir on a free. Might sell Volland if I can find a replacement, wouldnt mind moving on Wendell as well, I've never seen anyone give away as many penalties as him.
  4. http://img22.imageshack.us/my.php?image=arsenalvsportingcp.png
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