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  1. Just finished my first season, managed to win the league although it was more the fact that every title challenger went through a bad spell at one point. Hertha Berlin were top at half way and then threw it all away. Got knocked out the europa league in the semi's to Man United, lost whatever the german cup is called in the semis to Mainz. League: Transfers: Getting Munir on a free. Might sell Volland if I can find a replacement, wouldnt mind moving on Wendell as well, I've never seen anyone give away as many penalties as him.
  2. That was him last season, just finished another season he ended up on 56 goals again but 39 in the league. This was him when I signed him for 2.5m
  3. Season isn't going well, I'm in a relegation fight first season. Been pretty awful all season just can't get anything going well. Only highlight has been the FA Cup 3rd round, image below.
  4. Just got FM, started a Pompey save. I signed Cristiano Zanetti on a free but he is costing me 2k in wages, Eric Lichaj on loan, Brian Murphy on loan. I need to bring in a striker. Was playing my 3rd friendly but then my PC got blue screen of death so I need to try and fix that, this PC is giving me quite a bit of trouble.
  5. I just finished my 2nd season, (1st season in the prem) At the start of the season I would have taken 10th but I'm slightly disappointed because I was 5th in January. The one problem I have with my team is that most of the time I lose I get smashed. In February I lost 8-1 to Man City which started a really bad run of form, which resulted me finishing 10th. So mixed bag in the league, but I can build on that next season. I spent quite a bit tbh, but my defense really did need strengthening. Billy Sharp was on fire at the start of the season but then he tore his calf muscle and was out for 3 months then his 2nd game back from injury he tore it again so finished with 11 in 19 or something or around that. Amr Zaki was awful but at the time Owen, Varney and Sharp were all injured. Owen was ok, can't remember his exact stats but he scored important goals. Varney was a surprise, he scored about 15 goals, really need another striker next season with Sharp's injury problems, need a winger to faze out Lawrence, need a right back and a centre back. Sunderland didn't do too well so I might try and get Kyle Naughton and Adam Johnson from them.
  6. Just finished my season finished 1st. Reading smashed the goals scored. Liam Lawrence was amazing, probably my best player: Transfers for the season: Got Billy Sharp comming in at the end of the season for £950k, he scored 29 goals for Doncaster so hopefuly he can make the step up but he can't be any worse than Benjani, Kitson and Kanu. Do my pictures show up alright, never tried directly linking pictures on a forum directly from my Steam profile.
  7. Nah, didnt pay anything but I can cancel it now. I can cancel the loan during the January transfer window but not when the window is closed.
  8. I loaned in Frimpong from Arsenal first season but I don't want him anymore and I don't have an option to cancel the loan, anyone help? Thanks.
  9. My game isn't going that well, about 8th after 10 games. I create loads of clear cut chances and my players miss, so I might switch to 4-4-2. Huseklepp is out for 5 months as well with a broken foot. Got Ropotan (£600k), Arsimendi (Loan), Frimpong (Loan), Stephen Jordan (Free), Stuart Parnaby (Free) and Timo Hilderbrand (Free).
  10. Just finished my 4th season (2nd in the prem). I finished 11th (was predicted 14th and finished 12th last season). So I'm sorta happy with that as I improved on last season but I think I should have done better with the players I have. I didnt do too well in the cups, going out the Carling Cup in the 4th round to Birmingham and the 3rd round of the FA Cup to Newcastle although I did play my fringe players and 1 regen who has come through my youth team. League Table I would have finished 10th but in my last game of the season I lost 3-1 to Fulham and Dzeko got sent off, it was like my players went on holiday early. I also suffered big losses agaisnt Man United (4-1), Arsenal (5-1) and Man City (4-1) but overall my defence has improved although I could do with a new left back. Martin Caceres and Gary Cahill were my starting centre backs and were quite impressive, Cahill also getting about 5 or 6 goals. I had Micha Richards and Figueroa at right and left back, Richards was the slighty better of the too but hopeful is better next season but I'm going to replace Figueroa because hes old and my worst defender. Lassana Diarra was my stand out midfielder which shouldent be a suprise, him and Jenas both chipped in with 4 goals and for the most part were my preffered midfield pairing. On the wings I had Ben Arfa and Albrighton, Ben Arfa didnt score a goal this season but got 7 assists and Albrighton got 5 goals and 5 assists and tbh I could do with replacing both as I'm not sure if they're good enough to be first choice anymore. I also had M. Diarra who came into the first team towards the end replacing Jenas and he never lets me down, I had Gago who was back up all season only playing in Cup matches and a couple of league games towards the end. Defour started at first but didnt perform well enough and tbh I expected more but as it was his first season I'll let him off and he can have next season to prove himself. Upfront I had Dzeko, Drogba, Anelka and Nugent (on 8k a week now and thats the only reason hes still here because hes cheap and english), Dzeko was my best striker getting 15 goals, he didnt have a good start but towards the end of the season it looks like hes gelled with my team so he should be even better next season. Drogba was the opposite of Dzeko but was my top assister. Anelka and Nugent didnt really do much all season, they were mainly subs when Dzeko and Drogba got tired. I need a new striker next season to partner Dzeko as Drogba cant finish a game due to him getting tired and his poor form. Enyeama was my starting keeper and was one of my best buys, much better than Westwood and Ashdown. He also kept 16 clean sheets. Stats Transfers Lewis Percival Think I posted a screen shot of him at the end of my last season as well, any way he came through my youth team. Played him in all my cup matches and he has been tutored by M. Diarra, Jenas and Defour and I loaned him to Hull for 3 months so he could have some first team football. He'll more than likely go out on loan next season as well. He did score a goal for me in the Carling Cup which can be seen here My best players this season were Cahill (and you laughed at me for getting him for £8.5m), Caceres, Lassana Diarra and Dzeko and thats a pretty good spine for my team and I just need to build around those four. Next season I'll be trying to get a left back (both Ashley Cole and Gibbs are out of contract but I dont know if Gibbs is good enough), a striker (No idea, would like an English striker but can't think of a good partner for Dzeko and a right and left winger (was trying to get Adam Johnson and Turan but think they would both be out of my reach).
  11. Blackburn wanted £19m, I got Enyeama just then for 300k finished all my signings now. My midfield is going to be awesome this year
  12. My midfield is now even better, got Defour, Lassana on free transfers, then got Dzeko and Drogba for free and Micah Richards (free) and Gary Cahill (£8.5m) might have overspent on Cahill but I wanted an English CB and I might be getting Enyeama for 300k
  13. Just finished my 3rd season (1st in the prem) and finished 12th after being predicted 20th. League Table Team Transfers Think I did well considering I thought I might go back down. I would have liked to of done abit better in some games (got beat 6-1 by Burnley). My defence was quite bad for most of the season, might have to get another centre back and 2 new full backs. Think my midfield was the best part of my team, got Defour comming in on a free transfer and I'm monitoring Lassana Diarra's contract (yet to agree a new deal and more than likley going to leave on a free). Need another left winger as Ben Arfa gets tired easily and I have no alternative. Anelka and Wickham did ok but didn't really set the league alight, going to have to get a new striker as Wickham has gone back to Chelsea, Dzeko's contract is running out but I don't think I'll be able to get him even if he does leave on a free. I got manager of the year which I was suprised at because I finished 12th. On a side note when I got Gago - I forgot the registration window was closed so I didnt get to play him so he'll sort of be a new signing next season. Lewis Percival (Regen) He came into my youth team at the end of my 2nd season, has been tutored by M. Diarra and now by Jenas. He played 2 games in the FA Cup (Rotherham and Wolves) and played in the prem agaisnt Man United. Think I might keep him in the youth and reserves while play him in some cup games next year and then maybe loan him out.
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