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  1. This updated nuked a lot of kits. For example, Manchester United's white socks are replaced by red socks in game and there is NOTHING I can do to change this. This even happens to the default database. Worst update so far. I regret updating totally.
  2. In a lot of B-team countries like Spain and Germany, the second teams -- i.e. the B teams -- are not allowed to be promoted to the same division as their parent at the very least. Some others restrict B-teams further by not allowing the B-teams to be within two divisions of their parent. If you mess around with creating leagues, you'll quickly come to learn what is and is not possible with second teams.
  3. Are the socks different from front to back in the 3D match engine (noticed some stripes on the back, none on the front; however, the top of some socks also have different coloured hoops in addition to the stripes on the back)? Can you edit the front or back of the socks when the editor is available?
  4. I agree with this. Having these in the future update would make this editor a whole lot better Bingo. This pretty much echoes what I've said earlier on in this thread. In addition to changing relations and homegrown status, this is exactly what most users would like. I'm hoping SI is listening to their client-base for this PAID editor.
  5. Is there any way to edit financial fair play rules via the pre-game editor? I've looked at Nation Rules but no luck.
  6. Why does the game report losses when the balance or profit exceed £2b? With financial fair play implemented into the FM14, it wrecking havoc.
  7. EdL - 2 questions: 1 - I understand that as of now there is no mass heal, mass boost morale with this iteration correct? If this is the case, will the dev team look to add it in the future? 2 - are there plans to implement FMRTE like presets? (e.g. custom mass heal, custom mass boost morale, make player all 20s, make a player all 1s, etc)
  8. Man, this IGE appears to be really limited compared to what you can do with FMRTE.
  9. So no replies on social media or on here about this IGE and we're already at launch week. My guess is that if this IGE does happen (will it?), it won't nearly be as fully featured as FMRTE. Why else wait so long to release ANY details.
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