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  1. Steklo - The first (I think) new skin for FM08

    one thing that bothered me since i've installed this great skin... Do you study russian? I mean steklo means glass if i'm right and it's in cyrilic and it has big red star which gets us to something completely different. politics. anyways i like it very much just because it's great and it has that big red star. so, whats the story behind that cyrilics, red star and russian name?
  2. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Mitja: - for the same reason we would actually have to take a look at our opponents matches, (thier style) before we play. it would add realism. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> i agree with your post about ppm's and i think it would revolutionary advance the tactical aspect of the game. allowing numerous tactical differences. and even better - we would not need to watch the matches as we have scouts who should check our opponents. so ppm's would be benefitial for our scouts who scout opponents. it would advance this aspect just in the way it needs as now it's too basic. so scouts sholud watch opponents for few matches every time discovering new features (depending on their ability), similar to scouting a player now. more times you scout, more details you get. so, scouting a team our scout should tell us it they have fullbacks who push forward, playmaker who stops play and dwells on ball, wingers who cut inside and score a lot instead crossing to small strikers... and so on.
  3. <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by Uncle_Sam: <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by rashidi1: What kind of player instructions would you guys like to see and how would you see this unfolding in a game? </div></BLOCKQUOTE> I would like to see an opposition instruction added for "run with ball at" or "dribble at". I have guys do it all the time on my real life team. If I see a fullback who I think I have a favorable 1v1 matchup against (which is frequently at our level) I'll tell my forwards and/or midfielders to take him on as much as possible. I imagine that in FM it could also be useful to try and get a second yellow against a defender. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> completely agree! i used to play as a winger and my coach always dragged me to other side if he thought the other guy is slower, or gets forward often so i could exploit it. same in the midfield. maybe SI should make a round table of some sort with coaches (even on low level) who could give some extras in tactical sense. seems ray houghton didn't do hs job when they called him
  4. tactical layout definitely needs urgent improvement and i'll be dissapointed if it's not fixed in next version. current systrem is way to complicated with all the notches, not to say it's gighly unrealistic. i believe the best way, as someone already mentioned, would be to go with individual tactical instructions. arrows aren't actually bad, but not the way the work now. managers do use these arrows and they are just to clarify where players should run to, but without individual instructions (which we can't give effectively right now), it's pretty hard to get spot on.
  5. woow, when i read the initial post i thought i was drunk last night and wrote it myself. the history of illness is completely same! i had a friend, except we played at my home,... wait a minute... maybe he's mine friend which i hadn't seen for years ...? damir? is that you? ok, enough of laugh, but give the man some slack, if he wants to quit. don't ridicule him, if he gets back to game fine, if not even better.
  6. playing at work?!?!?

    i did it for about three or four months last year but then i realized that all the crowd around makes me lose my focus. So my ajax team didn't do all i wanted and i've abandoned the game. I still have the save game and might try it again. it's not a problem as i work as a journalist and when i do my job there's no obstacle, despite my girlfriend... even my boss played fm when he was younger so he is full of understanding, now he plays civ by email.
  7. i'd really like to make a balanced tactic, but i always endd up with an attacking forgetting about the defense. what are the rules of thumb for a balanced one? i guess patient positional play? but any indepth detail?
  8. yes, CD for central defenders should always be set to own area at most as you don't want you'r last line of defense roaming around the pitch. you have your midfielders to do such things. you're right once again. having your wide players set too far apart puts you in all sort of trouble. depending on how you want your team to play you set the distance between them (mentality). when tey are closer to each other passing becomes much fluent and easier to complete. unless you have really good CM's they'll struggle to find your wingers who are far up the pitch. if you want your fullbacks to overlap, or be an attacking threat you can always set them on forward runs often (and switch with winger if he can play wb or fb) helps so their mentality can stay intact. this way you'll get a lot more cohesion in squad.
  9. i'm sorry to be off topic, but an idea got across my mind. maybe we could sum up some real tactical situations we've all got across and put them on the forum in some sort of test, then we could test our knowledge in some sort of football school work? stupid?
  10. i'll try and challenge my knowledge with answering this, and anyone can feel free to comment it of course. so i think you're right about your fb's. they get too much up the field and, as you've set low closing down, when your team lose ball in opposition half fb's have a lot of distance to cover to get back in defensive position. (usually too late) i'm not sure, but i guess you have set high defensive line. when you do this you should be sure your upfront players close down heavily so they prevent any quick direct passes as majority of your team is out of position. to your last question. defensive line set to 10 is actually a middle so closing down should be thereabouts too. when you play low D-line you don't want high closing down as your players will get out of position a lot and that will create lot of space in formation. low D-line is generaly used in defensive or counterattacking formations as you let opposition think they control the game and then strike them with quick direct passing. on the other hand, high d-line is generally used in attacking formations and is often combined with high width as you want a lot of space to break opposition with patient buildup and occasional thrrough ball. there, please correct me if i'm wrong. cheers
  11. i see this is becoming tactical advice thread and i pretty much know what i want to do, but i find it hard to translate it into sliders. here's the case i play a mexican league with chivas team which is really good at the start but with 2 or 3 signings i've made it even better. I had some success but it isn't consistent and despite my position i feel i should get more out of the team but i've always struggled with translating my ideas into sliders. as my team is technically gifted with great playmaker, wings and really big strong and driven striker, i wanted to play controling 4-4-2 . having really good playmaker and DM i tend to make the playmaker to support the attack. my DM is defensively minded but he's really good enough to support attack here and there. wingers are quality too and really quick with great crossing and dribble so i like them to push forward and cross with occasional back pass to pushing CM or DM. full backs aren't bad also and i love them to overlap and cross. but when they do, the DM should track back aand support the DC'c. i'm considering targetman role for my big strong and driven striker who should hold the ball up and wait for fullbacks and wingers to get forward. other option for him should be to push the ball to fast striker with good crossing who could go forward or to sideline and cross him back or to CM. to support my controllling short passing game my defence shouldn't be too high neither too narrow as that should reduce space. also to win the ball back i'd like my players to close down from the opposition half, but how the hell do i do that?!?
  12. 42 Flipping 4

    here's big news. i don't know if it's sheer luck or if it has to do with 802 patch, but yersterday i was playing a match on neutral ground, i was clear favourite tto win game. my chivas team was leading 2:0 till 71st minute when opponents pulled one back. i was expecting 424 in next 10 minutes and pulled fuullbacks back but nothing happened. opponents stayed in their 442 formation and i was able to put another in the closing minutes. ain't that strange? perhaps SI sorted it out? anyone else had similar experience?
  13. i was playing a mexican league playoff final yesterday and bloody monterrey won on aggregate after scoring a blatant offside goal. i did complain and FA stayed silent admitting ref's mistake, but didn't won me the championship. just made me more bitter. i felt like germany team in '66
  14. 42 Flipping 4

    i believe AI starts playing much more aggressive putting pressure on every player in your team. so if you don't adjust as i don't do it most of times (it's much more of a thriller then your laid back players who are set on slow tempo game with low concentration often lose their heads and start freakin' on the pitch creating even more pressure. sometimes AI succede sometimes not. usually depending on your countering. going down the wings, pushing your CF's to sides combined with high tempo and direct passing does the trick and kills them off. bringing on strong DM also helps just as keeping fullbacks at defensive mentality and rare forward runs. any more suggestions on countering 424 AI?