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  1. how do i replace all option to change the wrong bits ty
  2. thanks for the help, if you could just make it a little bit bigger as there are occasional ones that are bigger thanks
  3. hi i have the fmxml but does not do configs for backgrounds for the club page. i want to put in google map stadiums for club page and the config will have to do many pictures. I have inner stadium pictures when you click the players tab but wanted google map pictures for club overiew please could somebody help with this ty
  4. hi, the skin i use neub skin the panel for the players pictures does not show a slight amount of the players pictures top of his head, could you help so this changes. making it fit, shown in picture ty
  5. @Krysler76 hi i am using this skin but with transparent look, it is really good but could you help me with sorting out the profile pictures size panel. the top of the heads are slightly missing. could you make the panel slightly larger so the top of the head is not missing.ty
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