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  1. I'll preface this by saying I know there's a big issue with editor data being a common cause of crash dumps. I'm designing a custom database that essentially replaces Oceania with a new set of nations and league systems and in my last few test runs I get crash dumps, normally in the second season, that for each individual save file will reliably happen on a given day. I'm pretty confident it's to do with the editor files I'm using seeing as I'm running FM12 on a pretty powerful laptop and I've tried a lot of the other recommended solutions for crash dumps pertaining to other causes. I know for some people with crash dumps the solution is to remove the editor files but obviously seeing as I'm testing those files, I'm less interested in rescuing my save games than I am in working out where I'm causing the instability with the editor. Is it possible for someone to look at the files I'm using or even the crash dump files themselves to suggest where I'm going wrong here? EDIT: Have run a couple more tests, the crash dump always coincides with the second instance of a loaded league going through its season update. Originally I thought this was because all the loaded leagues used the same date but I tweaked the database files so these were all on different dates and now it just crashes on the first of these.
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