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  1. I feel they make the league closer then it should be. Quite often there's a good 4-5 teams on the same points near the top. Only once have I won with games to spare. Also only won 1 out of 6 playoff finals. Won a few cups though.
  2. F.A Cup 1st round. 93rd min to win 2-1. I'd be suicidal if it was my team that had conceded this goal. [video=youtube;yHE8M9_tGwU]
  3. Is there a way to make people continue faster? I've set all the online preferences to 1min but there is still a 3 min timer if someone doesn't continue. We've played for an hour and done 4 in game days.
  4. This was my Luckiest win. Took the pic on my phone to show the guys at work lol. This is the funniest thing I've seen on FM. A guy was sent off and 3 people ran to complain at the ref and another guy ended up getting a second yellow.
  5. I tried setting a 4-4-2 with direct football in mind but it doesn't work. My passing percentages drops to low 60%. I'd like one where they just hoof the ball forward for him to run onto but I havn't figured it out yet.
  6. I'm getting destroyed in league 2. My usual top scorer has 5 from 21 games and my new keeper lets in so many long shots. Theres only my target man that has above 7.0 average. 2 places above relegation. I'm just trying to get this season over with and hope for the best.
  7. A couple of seasons ago only 4 of my starting 11 were players I owned. I lost my 4.5 star loan keeper this seaaon cos Man U think he needs to be playing with higher quality players. I'd had him on loan for 2 seasons. I'm starting with my original tactic and will swap to 4-4-2 when I think I might lose. Is there a better way to find high quality loan players other than scouting each team?
  8. I managed to finish 1st swapping between my 4-2-4 and your 4-4-2. I got very lucky though, a lot of games could have easily gone the other way and at one point I had 7 people out injured and was using under 18s to cover. 2 games into the season in League 2 and 2 wins so I'm hoping I can avoid relegation. How do you offer more for wages? I'm 6k under budget but can only offer 1.5k for a key player. My board also decided to build a new stadium for 9.5m. It's OK though because we can sell our old one for 650k lol. we're in the red, I don't know why they thought that would be a good idea since we weren't filling It anyway.
  9. Mines still at 1 and I have done all the coaching courses. Adaptability 4, Discipline 3, determination 4, youngsters 1.
  10. Both my CM's managed to get injured last game, one for 6-8 weeks. This is why I lose I think. Normally it's my keeper or both my strikers and then I just can't score.
  11. As you can see from the pics from the first post I get a lot of injuries but no one is complaining about training and my team talks are nearly always green. It's just what has happened the last few seasons. I get to Xmas and start losing.
  12. The league table before the expected losing streak starts.
  13. Just Tried the 4-4-2, won 1-0 because they gave away a pen in the 88th min. I had the most shots, 11 with 3 on target but on 45% possession. Should I use Retain Possession or shorter passing for more? This was against 22nd so not the best performance.
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