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  1. First off, your team instructions are not bad for what you're trying to achieve. I can see your thought process there. The only change I would make is to remove overlap left as the FB-S will not naturally overlap with the IW. Second off, your lone striker is on Attack duty which means he's going to be isolated considering you have no other attack duties around him. I would change Gouiri to a more supporting role (i.e. DLF-s or PF-s, whatever suits his attributes.) and I would add an attack duty to one of your wingers as well the opposite fullback. It could look something like the screenshot below. I also added an Attack duty from midfield to give some variety to your attack.
  2. Ah okay, that makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. If it was me, I’d start with no instructions and watch a game in comprehensive highlights and tweak from there. What type of style are you aiming for here?
  4. Wow that’s a lot of instructions. How is it performing?
  5. Would the PF-A not get a bit isolated? Since his only immediate support is the W-A and he’s just trying to bust to the byline to cross.
  6. I would go fluid without roaming and remove be more expressive as I find there is enough freedom given by the fluid team shape which all the while doesn’t sacrifice your ability to be countered. Surely you must see the confliction of TIs? Retain possession does exactly what it says. Your side will prioritize holding onto the ball even sometimes holding onto the ball for too long. At the same time you’re asking them to play riskier passes with pass into space. Doesn’t make much sense. If you’re trying to recreate Betis I would just use shorter passing as your team’s creativity is already higher due to your fluid/very fluid team shape.
  7. You’ve got 3 playmakers in the same area, all 3 will request the ball and 2 of them will be playing risky balls leading to wasted possession. Try adding some balance to your midfield by switching the AP-S to a CM-S and the AP-A to an AM-A.
  8. I'd try this with Standard-flexible and the "Play out of defense" TI to start and then make further tweaks from there. I changed the AML to a Winger because I figured you could use some variation in your attack and I saw that you had Politano in your subs who has been an excellent out and out winger for me.
  9. Why the need for 3 BPDs? Or the redundancy of TIs? It doesn’t make sense to have both retain possession and pass into space ticked at the same time. Same with the fluid team shape and the roam from positions TI. Other than that the system looks okay. Have you encountered any difficulties coming up against a specific tactic?
  10. Have you been upgrading your junior coaching as well as your youth recruitment?
  11. Watch some highlights and figure it out for yourself. No one is going to spoon feed you.
  12. OK thanks. I think I'll experiment with an Inside forward complemented with a Wingback and change the DLP to maybe a CM-S. I'll report back soon.
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