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  1. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Both described as latest 6th generation. I5 is i5-6200u with graphics stated above I3 is i3-6100u with graphics as above
  2. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Hi, one final question about laptops. Is it worth spending an extra 50 quid on i5 processor over an i3? Laptops are otherwise identical, SSDs, 6GB Ram, HD graphics 520 2.3-2.8 GHZ.
  3. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    What sort of CPU should I be looking for?
  4. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    Thanks for the quick reply. Would you say it needs more processing? Or RAM? FM is the only game I tend to play and I don't go for massive games anymore with many leagues.
  5. New Laptop/PC - Help Needed

    http://store.hp.com/UKStore/Merch/Product.aspx?id=N7H41EA&opt=ABU&sel=NTB Any ideas if the game will function on that? I know next to nothing about computers.
  6. Senegal's Arsenal Thread 2015/16

    Not Gabriel but I can see Coquelin definitely.
  7. Senegal's Arsenal Thread 2015/16

    Whilst that is true the team play was a lot better than what we had seen in recent months on the most part. Other than the final parts of it. It is going to be disappointing when Ramsey or Elneny is dropped for Coquelin on the weekend.
  8. Senegal's Arsenal Thread 2015/16

    Is Ramsey by any chance one of them in your view?
  9. Senegal's Arsenal Thread 2015/16

    Looking at the number of created chances is misleading because it completely fails to consider the context. 1) match situation 2) how spread out over matches they were 3) situation of the chance; amongst other things. It isn't as simple as we created lots of chances, guess we just need a better goalscorer.
  10. Senegal's Arsenal Thread 2015/16

    The problem with this is that it requires us to consistently be able to create those chances and play well. We don't do that. Suarez wouldn't alter that. That Liverpool team whilst it couldn't defend had an attacking structure which functioned. We don't have that. It had pressing. We don't have that. Even with all of that I don't think that Liverpool team would have won as many games again. I think to a large extent they got away with their bad defence through luck rather than just merely out-gunning the opposition repeatedly. Meh. This season the chances he created should have led to about 12 assists. He has 18.
  11. Senegal's Arsenal Thread 2015/16

    My point about Kane wasn't that he wouldn't be more effective than Giroud, as he clearly would be. It was pointing out that we benefit greatly from having quicker strikers. Hence Walcott being effective despite clearly being an inferior striker to Giroud.
  12. Senegal's Arsenal Thread 2015/16

    Nope. Doesn't fix the disarray the midfield was in. You could stick Suarez up there and we probably still don't win the league. Little point having a good striker if you can't put them into a position to succeed. Side note on Kane, not sure he would necessarily be the most effective striker for Arsenal. We would probable be better off with someone who is quicker and can get in behind more. PEA would be a better option
  13. Senegal's Arsenal Thread 2015/16

    By your measure nearly every football club fails and only a few can succeed. Seems rather unfair given how important money is to success
  14. Senegal's Arsenal Thread 2015/16

    The squad is very good for player quality. The squad isn't good for how Wenger manages and plays his teams. If you gave it to say Martinez (another rightly maligned manager) he probably wouldn't have some of the same problems in relation to the CM pairing as he has more structure in that part of the game. Probably not. They work well in Leicester's system as a pair. Probably not as effective at Arsenal where possession is emphasised more amongst other differences.
  15. Senegal's Arsenal Thread 2015/16

    It wasn't front loaded. Your measures of success are simplistic. Wenger did very well up till 2011. He made errors with that team but he was doing a good job in reasonably difficult circumstances. He managed to keep Arsenal in the top 4 and competitive whilst making a profit on transfers, this enabled Arsenal to build the stadium and not fall apart. More trophies should have been won in that period but just because none were won doesn't mean it was a failure or average from him. Willingness to give young players a chance? Definitely inaccurate these days. Ability to nurture? Not a myth really.