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  1. Players don't recognise that they're they 7th best (insert position) at the club - demand first team football - get snotty when I don't give it to them. Following on from this players not recognising that they still have 2 or 3 stars worth of potential to fill so if they stick it out for a season they'll rise up the pecking order
  2. Has anyone else found a club having a maximum estimated value? I'm playing with Arsenal in 2039, with an estimated value of AUS$3.11 billion. This has been the value for a few season now (Got a new stadium and profits went through the roof). The value appears stuck at that, regardless of transfer budget, wages etc
  3. which players get rested after the match? ie. guys with low condition, the guys that were in the starting squad, the starters plus the subs, or the entire first team??
  4. I'm getting good results with Arsenal. Have only played 7 matches with it however; 7-1 Liverpool 2-0 Schalke 5-0 Real Madrid The team still isn't fluid with formation, closing down or creative freedom so all in all I think it's working extremely well.
  5. Does anyone know, or have found, if swapping between two tactics that are drastically different (formation, creative freedom and tempo) has a negative effect on results? Additionally can swapping during a game cause issues for the opposition when all of a sudden we change our play completely? I currently have Fuss and a 4-2-3-1 I found loaded.
  6. how much work are they doing? I get low ratings for GKs when the other team aren't getting any shots - hence the GKs aren't doing anything, which makes sense to me
  7. Reading through another post about Ozil never being picked for Germany, I went to look at the German team to discover that all the players in all five German squads are grayed out and can't be scouted etc. I have checked all other European nations and Germany is the only one like this. Does anyone know how to rectify it?
  8. I have only done it a few times - "The board are very disappointed" Never really had an effect from what I can see other than upsetting the board, it's never resulted in the extra funds I asked for or the new training facilities.... EDIT: Good to see it has a result for others! I'll keep trying.
  9. Is anyone struggling to get goals from their strikers? Lewandowski and Giroud are struggling to turn in results.
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