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    Help needed with my 4-1-2-3

    As summatsupeer mentioned, I think main issiue is that you maybe need the think about your roles, duties, and relation between them. e.g. You have a Winger (Attack) on the right wing which cross from byline. But who? CF-S will drop deep to help build-up play and he may not be on the right spot when your winger crosses. IF-S again may not be the goal threat on the box, especially if u think that Correa is a playmaker type player rather than penalty area finisher. MEZ-A again will join the attack but he likely arrive the box late. So the question is; who do you expect to meet with your wingers crosses?
  2. AbdelBarrada

    Hamsik movement

    I think Hamsik plays as CM this season, not CAM. watched most of the matches of Napoli, in my opinion their mildfield setup is: (if we adapt FM) ----------------------------------------------Jorginho - DLP/D---------------------------------------------- (always sit back, comes and get the ball, distribute in front of defence) Allan CM/D ord BWM/S (pressing opposition mildfielders and he is also a pass option for teammates) - Hamsik CM/A - RPM - BBM (I'm not sure about his role he positions on cm strata but often go advanced, play one twos etc.) Callejon Raumdeuter ........... Insigne IF/S or IF/A (always cuts inside, often looks for shooting shooting, through balls and plays one-twos with Higuain) ---------------------------Higuain (not sure about his role. He's not positions with opponent defensive line. He comes deep to get the ball frequently. Maybe CF/A)
  3. AbdelBarrada

    Why Not 4231

    I managed to build up successful 4-2-3-1 with Olympique de Marseille. Lineup and TI: Not concede too much and leauge leader (in a kind of strange way OL and PSG peforms badly): I think one of the major points of 4-2-3-1 is - Finishing: We need high finishing ratio. Cause you're attacking with high number of players. When you're going forward all together and can't score the return can be nightmare. (Or u should cover well). So quality of chances you create is very significant. I always track matches extended/comprehensive mode.
  4. I started a new career with Olymique de Marseille [FM 2016 - 16.1] So, main strategy: I- Playing behind the defence line with my central playmakers (using of the ball attribute of my forward / Batshuayi - 15). II - Waiting for my fullbacks to join attack and find Ocampos and Batshuayi with crosses - finishing: 12/14 - Formation Instructions Defensive Line - Slightly higher Exploit the middle Work ball into box Results so far Team stats Any comments?