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  1. That stat needs more context though. e.g. what's the marginal increased probability of winning, per shot advantage? Obviously a team with 1 more shot is less likely to win than a team with 10 more shots, plus then there's the added context of the types of chances (long shots, box shots etc). Hopefully SI take this into account rather than just looking at the headline number that you've cited?
  2. Sure, but it sounds like people are setting up tactics fairly logically. 4-2-3-1, control/attacking is common. If the tactics/match engine interprets this as 'leave team massively exposed to counters' then either the tactics system needs clarifying in game (people shouldn't need to go to forums to find out what they think is logical is not true) or the match engine is wrong. An example, lots of people use that 4-2-3-1 since it's such a common formation irl at the moment. However in-game, the wingers tend to do far less defensive work than they would irl. Apparently then you are supposed to pl
  3. Indeed. A match engine which shows a team regularly creating more chances, more good chances, more possession and so on - but losing - is a broken match engine when it happens too frequently. It does happen irl of course, but 'smash and grabs' aren't as common as the FM engine seems to believe. The matches irl where teams get outshot and lose tend to be where they create a lot of shots, but not good chances (i.e. shooting from range often/shooting through lots of bodies), not where teams create plenty of clear chances and miss them, which does happen, but not often.
  4. Is it just me or is there no way to 'Manage Tactics' - i.e. import/export/save/rename/delete tactics?
  5. Why? I believe the opposite is true irl, goal averages tend to increase at higher levels partly as a function of the greater disparity between teams. Obviously in the Segunda Liga you don't get a Barcelona or Real Madrid regularly tonking teams and inflating the league goal average.
  6. Sounds absurdly high. Last year the top 2 players irl for TPG managed just 4.7 and 4.1, both central midfielders, Lucas and Schneiderlin. In fact, most of the top TPG were defensive midfielders rather than defenders.
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