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  1. On the fixture list page a row with a number indicate what match number that is of the year. eg. when managing Man Utd you play nearly 70 games and it's kinda nice to know what game number current you are on. To help distribute the number of games for fringe players or help rest key players.
  2. News item about MoM (man of match). The news item should contain text how often the player in question have got a MoM. Either in the news text and/or in the player bio box.
  3. Some minor and easy to does: - Club information, past managers (club manager history). Nice to know who has been managing the team before you. From the start of the game. - Manager of the year awards: possible to set the team as national team (U/21, U/19) etc. - Player of the year awards: possible to set the B-team as team, currently it will display no teams. - Keyboard shortcuts for those small arrows in the top of the skin to go to next/prev player etc.
  4. And your ass manager should take the above filter in account when he announces a mail with the forthcoming months important dates. I do not want this mail to be cluttered with U18 games, etc.
  5. We should have a filter for the calendar, to filter witch teams you want in the list - [x] first team - [ ] reserve team - [ ] u18 team - [ ] national team - [ ] other important dates, etc. (CL final, etc) As it is now I dont ****ing care about a U18 game. I want only a view of my first team - I am the first team manager!
  6. After a match we have post match report. (reporting how the key man performed). I would like it to also have a report on the MOM (Man Of the Match) as well.
  7. Compare players. The list of your own players in the dropdown menu should be divided into: - first team - reserve team - u18 team And the position of the player should be listed as well (now it is only the name). And the list should be sorted by position, just as the default squad view.
  8. Physio reports should not be mail based. It should be like the new coach reports as a sub menu on the player.
  9. Looking at player stats (goals / attempetc etc. page) for my U18 squad. The u18 squad never play in any competitve matches so all their stats are only on the "non competive page". I would like FM to default to this page if the "overall" page is empty. Now I have to select this page from the dropdown all the times. I want to use the stats page to follow progress of some of my hot prospects.
  10. European Sport Magazines http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Sports_Magazines These magazine runs a "european team of the month". And of course also a "Team of the year". I would like such an award to be included in the future.
  11. In the 7.02 editor we can now see player legends from a national team. (eg. Michael Laudrup from the Danish national team). I would like such legends for managers: - national team - clubs It is after all a manager game. I know it's partly there as a club favorite personnel, but it's mixed with players also.
  12. In the finance -> transfer screen to see listed the teams you have a "friendly game" in spare with when they bought one of your players and there was a "friendly game" in the offer too. After a while I forget which teams I have this deal with and sometimes forget to play the games.
  13. More variations in Board expectations: - For scandinavian teams. Royal League qualification added as a new expectations that happends before european qualification. A team qual for Royal League if they are on a top-4 final league spot. - And all the obvious expectations: qual for Euro Cup, qual for Champions League, qual for Euro Cup rounds, qual for CL rounds, qual for CL quarter finals etc. - Domestic: Challenge for a domestic cup
  14. winter breaks[b/]: - winter breaks to be a more important role. - Players should go on holiday - Should have a news item about fitness level of players returning from holiday (as in summer break) - Possible to have a "team of the fall" award (before winter break) - Possible to have a "team of the spring" award (after winter break) - More important to be 1st in division when there is winter break. See in Germany where you are "herbst meister or what they call it" - More media about in winter break building up to league start: if you are on 1st spot, can you keep it up and be champ at the end, at relagation spot, can you avoid relegation etc. Mauybe combined with known facts that in last season the teams on relegation spots did not survive (remember the great escape in England by WBA)
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