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  1. Written In The Stars 2015

    Is there an opportunity to join as Leeds with this?
  2. Premiership Clan 2015

    How could I get in on something like this??
  3. English 1970-1971 Database

    I'm planning to do a 1970-1971 Database for the Premier League... I've already done Leeds. Screenies: http://i696.photobucket.com/albums/vv328/TFSManager/FM%201970-71/LeedsTeam.jpg http://i696.photobucket.com/albums/vv328/TFSManager/FM%201970-71/LeedsGiles.jpg Yes, for some strange reason Bremner is listed as a striker on there. Will be rectified. Is there any website which has the players for the teams of the time? Leeds I'm an expert on, others, not so much. Any help appreciated. I'm going to say this will be out in a months time, will also try and create relevant graphics for the time.
  4. I'm making a 1970-1971 database for Leeds United, Bremner, Giles, Clarke, Charlton et al. Is there anyway I can set the likes of Jonny Howson, Harry Kewell to come through the Leeds academy 15 years into the game as 'regens' if you like?
  5. I'm Leeds, in my second season. I signed Adel Taarabt for £1.3m from QPR (absolute bargain), after a few months at United my name were on his favourite personal list... he then came to me with a concern, that he didn't get on with Paul Connolly, I told him I was going to sell Connolly, which I tried to do, but I couldn't get rid of him. In the end Adel told me he wanted to leave the club as I didn't fulfil my promise to him. I immediately terminated Connolly's contract, and ever since he won't speak to me, citing that our relationship has broken down. He's been playing brilliantly, morale on superb, but our relationship is damaged, how do I revive it?
  6. I'm Leeds, and only about 10 (estimate) players have pictures on their profiles, compared to last year when nearly all did. Is there any way to rectify this?
  7. [FM11][RELEASED] Steklo X1

    Ah right, no worries. Awesome skin too.
  8. [FM11][RELEASED] Steklo X1

    Really? I didn't put it in the best way. You know when FM09 transferred over to FM10, and we know longer had the toolbar on the side, but instead it was now a different format at the top? If that makes any sense?
  9. [FM11][RELEASED] Steklo X1

    How do you remove the sidebar/toolbar?
  10. 1974

    Remember who were the champions at the time - Leeds United, who were robbed in the final of the European Cup a year later... Important to note with Leeds, they were the most superior team in the country by far as individuals and a team, Clough ruined it. If you're doing the 73-74 season also remember Leeds went 29 games unbeaten from the start and only lost three times in all.
  11. I'm currently in December 2013, with my Leeds side, we won promotion to the Premiership in season two, courtesy of 33 goals in 38 matches from Matias Defederico, he then scored 21 in 38 in the Premiership followed by an awful season resutling in 2 goals from 22 appearances, in this season, he was linked to the creame of Europe, such as Real Madrid, he became upset and must have requested a transfer, I don't recall him doing it, but I 'can't get him off the list. He's now determined to prove his worth to the team, and despite me praising him in the media, him being listed as 'Indispensable to the club' I can't get him to sign a new contract, or get him off the list. His contract is up at the end of this season. My Leeds team have always struggled in the two seasons we've graced the Premiership - 17th and 16th, season two being the great escape, this season we're 6th from 14 games, Matias has 8 goals from 13 league appearances, I'm desperate for him to stay, how can I get him to withdraw his request, his morale is also superb.
  12. Stupid Fans

    The post above pretty much sums up all that's wrong with football nowadays. I pity you.
  13. Stupid Fans

    Give over. I sum up the term 'passionate supporter', I support my club, I don't see the money - it doesn't affect me, I want to see the best possible team I can at Leeds. If we'd have sold Beckford in January, we'd have received what? £1m? Who would Leeds have got who anywhere near as talented as Beckford for £1m?! We kept him, we beat scum in the FA Cup, drew with Spurs and won promotion - all goals in those games coming from Beckford (minus Howson vs Brizzle Rovers) - I felt we had a chance of keeping Beckford, but Bates wouldn't offer him what he wanted. So yes, I'm glad Beckford went for nothing, and won us promotion. Bugger to the cash, I'll take promotion, thank you.
  14. Stupid Fans

    One name - Jermaine Beckford. We're fans, why should we care about the cash, we don't see any of it. We pay our good money to see a good football team, a football team, not a business. So for the others on this thread, who're quite clearly football 'fans', stop being so smug.
  15. I got a statue!

    Okay then. So many errors with that post it's untrue.