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  1. Me and a friend decided to do this years challenge as a network game together. hope you dont mind Profiles: My Profile - Manager of the Glorious Merthyr Tydfil Butler's Profile - Manager of the illustrious Dartford We've played up to the end of November (Butler isnt connected when i took this pic) so far and its been fun as usual. We took two different strategies in signing players, I tried to sign the best possible players in every position and came just under my wage budget, while Butler has 3k left. I guess it shows in our results and the fact that hes gaining 1k a month and im losing ~13k. I started off really well but since winning 8-0 I've started losing form, pretty typical really , while Butler is just doing ok, winning some losing some. The last game we also played was against each other, needless to say there was lots of banter and bragging :> Will post another update end of season.
  2. yet another year of dafuges challenge cant wait to start after work :>
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