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  1. Apologies it's taken me so long to reply but I do use OIs in a very basic way. I selecte 'tighter marking' for the strikers and 'closing down' for the wingers or wing backs. In theory I wouldn't need to do these things as they are covered by the TIs and Pis but I do to make sure / out our superstition. However, I've lost quite a few games to big rivals (Chelesa / Bayern) and am thinking about how I can combat them better using OIs so it may be worth you giving them more attention then I do at the moment. For example, replacing Ozil at AP(A) with Ramsey, who has better tackling skills, and getting him to man mark Schweinsteiger who plays DLP(D) in a 4-1-4-1. Hope this helps a bit and good luck against your brothers!
  2. I don't know if it does as I haven't played it but I'm sure it would with some tweaking of the TIs and PIs. This episode of the Deep Lying Podcast talks a little about how to construct a 4-2-3-1 so it might be worth a listen: After a quick browse I thought these looked like ones worth considering: https://community.sigames.com/topic/395776-arsenal-69-unbeaten/ https://community.sigames.com/topic/394724-wing-play-4-2-3-1/ http://www.fmscout.com/a-porto-controlling-4231-fm17-tactic.html Good luck!
  3. Long-time reader, infrequent poster. I thought I ought to share this league and cup double winning tactic having benefited from the insight of so many people on here. I built this tactic having taken the Arsenal job two years into the save following Wenger's retirement. (I started the save unemployed before getting the job at Swansea City and winning the Europa League and European Super Cup) Fortunately, the squad was pretty much in tact with only Monreal sold by the time I took over. I wanted to play a controlling style of football with emphasis on possession, pressing and fluidity - an attempt at emulating the 'Total Football' utilised by Michels/Cruyff. PS - I'm posting this tactic a season after I won the double. Since winning those pieces of silverware I also bagged the League Cup before losing the Premier League to Chelsea on goal difference last season - three goals, to be precise. *sob* I set my team up as follows: I find that when my team attacks and reaches the final third it becomes a 3-2-4-1 of sorts with my left back often overlapping the inside forward. The combination has proved fruitful and that is shown by the number of assists from the left wing area. The most common types of goal I score tend to be through balls from Ozil, WIlshere and Coutinho to Giroud and Oxlade-Chamberlain or crosses from Davies headed in by Giroud or finished by Ozil. Obviously there are several other types but these two seem to crop up quite a lot. I rarely score from outside the area though and would like to add that as another string to my team's bow. I haven't tweaked the Fluidity setting at all so far but do vary my side's mentality quite frequently in matches. I start most games with Control but have sometimes used Counter when playing difficult opponents, particularly away from home. If I'm looking to shut out a match, having secured a lead, I will switch to Counter or Defensive and adjust my other TIs accordingly. Usually I do this by adding Retain possession, Much lower tempo and Waste time. When I'm chasing goals I switch to Attacking and employ Higher tempo and Much higher defensive line to try and compress the opposition's space further and use the ball more urgently. If I'm really desperate and in the last 15 minutes I'll go to Overload and use Much higher tempo, Get stuck in and Shoot on sight. (I'm still tweaking my tactics for chasing goals and try different combinations as I play more of the save) Team instructions: I settled on these TIs quite quickly having read through a series of really useful posts (linked to below) but some variations that I've used in the past, with differing success, are Pass into space and Use offside trap. The latter requires a change in PIs for my centre backs from Stopper and Cover to Defend and Defend. Player instructions: GK: Goalkeeper (Defend) - Pass it shorter // Default role for the tactic which I use for Szczęsny and Mannone. However, when I use ter Stegen I employe him as a Sweeper keeper (Support) because of his unique skill set. I have found there isn't too much difference between the two roles but there are moments when an SK is particularly useful in a team playing with a high defensive live. This includes intercepting long balls sent over the top of your defence and instigating counter-attacks. DR: Full back (Support) - Run wide with ball // I used Sagna here until he got a bit too old and then switched to Stones last season. I prefer tallish full backs in this position as they don't get forward as much as the left back and often deal with aerial clearances from the opposition. DRC: Central defender (Stopper) - Mark tighter // I use Koscielny and Vermaelen here who are getting on a bit but have great mental stats, useful for tutoring younger players, and can still get the job done. DLC: Central defender (Cover) - Mark tighter // Eventually I'm hoping to make Dier a Ball playing defender with Cover duty as he has the required skills and gives me another creative option from deep. My first choice until recently was Nkoulou but he's upset I rejected an offer from Monaco and his performances started to drop. DL: Full back (Attack) - Run wide with ball // A really important attacking outlet for this tactic, as odd as it seems to say for a defender. Constantly provides overlaps and crosses into the box for Giroud and Kane. I use Davies and Gibbs presently but used to have Bernat who was one of the best performing players in the Premier League for the two seasons I had him. Average rating was 7.38 in his final season with us before Real Madrid bought him for £36.5m - kerching! MCR: Central midfielder (Support) // I try not to have more than one PI for each position as I have quite a lot of TIs for this tactic and don't need any in this position. Wilshere is really good from deep and gets further forward to support the attack when I use Attacking or Overload mentality - has scored some crucial goals at the death. Ramsey is the other player I use here and he brings distance shooting and long range passing qualities I otherwise don't have. I'd like to be able to play both at the same time. MCL: Central midfielder (Defend) - Mark tighter // I like tall players here as I've noticed a lot of what they do is dealing with aerial clearances from the opposition's defence when I have them under the cosh. Enriquez and Rodwell work well in winning the ball in the air and laying it off to one of the attacking players to start another attack and keep the pressure on. However, I got Bender in this year as he was available for a good price and he brings a more physical defensive presence - a couple of times his challenges high up the pitch have led to quickly taken goals. I play him as a Ball winning midfielder with Defend duty. AMR: Winger (Attack) - Get further forward // Oxlade-Chamberlain and Walcott give me width, pace and crosses from the right hand side but their main threat is running in behind defences and finishing in the corner. Ox scored 28 goals (all competitions) in the season I won the double. I instruct them to Stay forward in Set pieces and they have picked up a good few goals, corners and free kicks by attacking on the break. AMC: Advanced playmaker (Attack) - Roam from position // I have Ozil - the Kings of Assists. Basically, he's brilliant and scores goals as well as creating them. In the last two seasons his average rating has been 7.67 and 7.41 with Cazorla relieving him when he's rested. AML: Inside forward (Support) - Sit narrower // Coutinho and Rotariu are becoming really good in this position and it's fun to see them pick the ball up in the final third with lots of options available. Davies running down the left, Ozil and Giroud in front of him, Ox to the right and Wilshere square. One of the main strength's of this tactic is the consistent overload it creates down the left hand side and, touch wood, will continue to be a reliable supply of goal-scoring opportunities. ST: Advanced forward (Attack) - Shoot more often // Default role for the tactic but I always put Giroud and Kane as Target man (Attack) because of their skill set and it's really useful to have an aerial threat up top. Giroud has scored 29 and 24 goals in the last two seasons with Podolski also banging in a few before he was sold. (Got old and fell out with me) The added height also gives me extra protection at defensive set pieces which is useful in a team with quite a few short players and particularly when playing the likes of Pulis / Alladyce. Thanks for reading and I hope I've included everything that's needed. Feel free to ask any questions about the tactic or pass on some advice, best of luck! Recommended reading: How to Play FM14: A Twelve Step Guide How to Play FM14: A Twelve Step Guide [Ext] Shouting Strategies: Defensive Counter-pressing; Or Why Aggressive Is An Absolute Pre-Requisite In FM14 Football Manager 2014 Staff Requirements Youth In FM14: Getting 5 star regens How To Develop Youth In FM 2014
  4. Hiya mate, looks like you've got the making of a decent strategy that could do with a couple of tweaks. Considering you're playing a possession and pressing game at a lower tempo, it may be a good idea to play wider in your TIs. Similarly, have roaming from position and be more expressiove as options. I also reckon you should move one of your CMs back to DM and put him on defend duty and make your full backs have at least support duty. Make your wingers as inside forwards and you should get some overlap. Also have a fluid system and all this should create more movement between the lines and more goal socring chances for your team.
  5. I've played with a Regista on FM14 a few times but only as a tactical change during a match when I need to get a goal. For example, changing the DM in my 4-3-3 into a Regista afer subbing on a more creative player. Personally, I don't think the role really works well as a holding type of player but if you play a 4-1-3-2 like Juventus did at times, with Pirlo and three cental midfielders ahead of him, then you could use a Regista as a starting role in your formation.
  6. Four jobs were available as I started my career: Swansea City AFC, Olympique de Marseille, 1. FC Nürnberg and De Graafschap. Seeing as it's pretty rare for a 36-year-old rookie manager to find his first job in one of Europe's top divisions, I applied and got the job at De Graafschap who play in the Jupiler League, the second tier of professional Dutch football. Founded in 1954, the Superboeren have won the Jupiler League three times, most recently in 2010, and these three titles remain the only silverware in their history. They have fierce rivalries with local sides Vitesse Arnhem and NEC with their most notable products being brothers Siem and Luuk de Jong as well as striker Klaas-Jan Huntelaar. Guus Hiddink, once in charge of Chelsea and Real Madrid, also came through the youth ranks at de Vijverberg. Trying to implement a Total Football style of play at a second tier club is something I'm expecting to be rather difficult due to the squad's skill level but, on the plus side, my team is one of the better ones in the Jupiler League so I hope it's doable. This is by no means a thorough analysis of Total Football's playing style but these are three broad characteristics that I'm hoping to emulate: 1. Proaction – By definition, the opposite of counter-attacking, it is typified by wanting the ball and using it to break down opponents with shorter passing and forward movement. Not to say direct passing isn't used but the first priority is to have the ball. 2. Pressing – The proactive method of defending which usually features a high defensive line to restrict time and space for the opposition. Effective pressing can effectively create counter-attacking opportunities by winning the ball in the opposition half. 3. Positional fluidity – Applies to situations when in possession as forwards and midfielders look to pull the opposition out of position in order to create space but still largely retaining their formation shape. Increased fluidity requires greater and broader player skills. The graphic above gives a representation of how Cruyff's Barcelona 'Dream Team' of the early nineties set up when in possession although I think replicating that isn't going to happen for at least a few seasons in this save. (On a side note, it's interesting to see the number of players in that starting eleven who went on to become major footballing figures, such as managers and directors of football, after they finished their playing careers.) A few cherished threads on the SI forum that I've found really useful in helping me understand the FM14 match engine and create, hopefully successful, Total Football tactics include: How to Play FM14: A Twelve Step Guide // How to Play FM14: A Twelve Step Guide [extended] // Creating A Tactic - Design, Create and Maintain // Pairs and Combinations // Counter-pressing After having a reasonably detailed look at The County's squad I can see there are a few holes to fill at full back and on the wings but have got some decent players at centre back and central midfield. That lack of ability out wide means playing a narrow diamond in midfield might be a good option for now as I gradually retool the squad. A comparison of ratings to other Jupiler League teams show the players rank quite well in key Total Football categories such as decisions, first touch and teamwork, however, passing needs to be upgraded. My next two friendlies are against Mexico's Pumas de la UNAM and the Eredivisie's ADO Den Haag who both possess squads better than mine so I've set-up my team with a more defensive strategy. Initially, I tinkered with a 5-4-1, that featured two wing-backs and a narrow central diamond, and a 4-1-3-2 with a central midfield three but in the end decided against both because of skill deficiencies in ball control and passing in defence. After a lot of head-scratching and staring blankly at the tactics creator, I plumped for a 4-2-1-3 which was partially inspired by Marcelo Bielsa's two years at Athletic Bilbao. My thought process was that I'd likely struggle to retain the ball against superior opposition given both my centre backs have a passing and first touch rating of 10 or below with similar mental ratings in composure and decisions. Therefore, I ruled out a formation of three at the back and decided the best way of being competitive was to press better and use the ball more urgently. Bielsa-ball typically involves hard pressing and quick transitions from defence to attack so I've selected higher tempo and hassle opponents TIs to that affect but I'm still not convinced the tactic is up to scratch. Particularly because I'm playing a False 9, he's my best striker, and I've selected retain possession as a TI but that's more to see how my team initially does with the ball. I'm going to play these two matches and report back along with a more dominant possession tactic I'm going to employ against a couple of weaker pre-season teams but, in the meantime, thanks for reading and all tactical suggestions are welcome!
  7. Cheers, hoping to get the next post up in a couple of days once I've found a club and got tactics sorted.
  8. That's right, I just checked it on the FM14 tactics creator. Point remains the same, I'd make just one of your two pronged strike force roaming, probably whichever one has the support duty.
  9. Personally, I'd only have one as a roaming type and make sure one is on support duty and one on attack duty. Possible combinations could be TMs and Pa if you're playing a rigid system and in a fluid system you could try DLFs and AFa. If I'm not mistaken, poacher already has roaming by default and you could make either the DLF or AF as roaming through the player instructions.
  10. “It is an art in itself to compose a starting team, finding the balance between creative players and those with destructive powers, and between defence, construction and attack – never forgetting the quality of the opposition and the specific pressures of each match.” – Rinus Michels Having played various Football Manager games over the last decade or so I thought it was about time I documented a career save. Trophy winning success has been quite patchy for me to date with my best run coming in FM12 at Werder Bremen where I won domestic and European titles. Since then, I’ve clocked up a fair few hours on FM14 but have never achieved the kind of success I had a few years ago. By writing this I hope you find it enjoyable and manage to pick up a few useful tidbits here and there, I just hope I manage to stay sane as I battle the match engine. :confused: Game Details I’ve chosen to go with a large database of 41,000 players which still gives me a four star processor performance rating on my laptop. The major European leagues have been included along with a few others included in my graphics pack. Hall of Fame These are the standings as I start the game and I’m assuming they’re correct as to the beginning of the 2013/14 season. It’s no surprise to see Fergie sit atop the pile but I haven’t been able to see Johan Cruyff or Rinus Michels in the database, which seems rather odd given their notable success. Mourinho sits in fourth sport and it’ll be fun to see whether he’s able to catch the Scot by the time he finishes his career. Positioned in 11th is Pep Guardiola and in 18th is Carlo Ancelotti who both have reasonable shots of making it to number one. However, yours truly also wants to have a crack but ‘who is he?’ I hear you ask. The Manager Marinus Reynolds is a 36-year-old Anglo-Dutchman with international playing experience having notched up 57 caps and 12 goals. His name is a nod to two of the most influential managers in AFC Ajax’s history and their idiosyncratic playing style, Total Football. George Reynolds managed the Amsterdam club for nearly 25 years in the first half of the twentieth century, in which time, he turned a nondescript club into a national power winning eight domestic league titles and the KNVB Cup. In his last couple of seasons he brought through a young striker who went onto score 122 goals for de Godenzonen and manage the team. He was Rinus Michels and under his stewardship Ajax won four Eredivisies, three KNVB Cups and two European trophies. Employing the same system as manager of the Netherlands, Michels guided the national team to a World Cup final and to European Championship glory. Whilst Total Football’s influence on the modern game is obvious with the successes of Johan Cruyff and Pep Guardiola it is, like many things in the beautiful game, polarising. It’s central tenets of proactive possession, positional fluidity and pressing defence make for the kind of football I enjoy so I’m going to try and put my own stamp on it in this game. Bring on the match engine!
  11. Thanks for posting, particularly interesting to see all your midfield and strikers on support duty and the resulting success you've had.
  12. I'd also say your side looks a bit unbalanced given the number of players you have on attack duty with no support duty players. The must useful guides I found for FM14 was the Twelve Step Guide. Links below and good luck! How to Play FM14: A Twelve Step Guide How to Play FM14: A Twelve Step Guide [Extended]
  13. Thanks for the upload, am still searching for my passing and pressing tactical breakthrough on FM14 so this is very helpful.
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