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  1. For people who've played the beta: has this issue been fixed? (please let's not relitigate whether or not it is an 'issue', I'm just asking )
  2. Wondered for a while now whether the bizarre vagaries of the ME are actually fixable, or if they just haven't been prioritised in the design process. Seems very obvious that building a complex simulation of football like this would be an endless labyrinth of bugs and oddities that would drive a developer crazy. From the outside looking in though, making big changes to the ME doesn't seem to have been the focus of the devs for some time. This isn't a complaint or anything. I'm just wondering aloud. It's tricky, as a consumer, to figure out how valid my criticisms are. Seems likely that it's just exceptionally difficult to make even a small ME change without the whole thing crashing down and I'm expecting too much. Yet it also seems they aren't giving it the level of attention I personally would like. Maybe a bit of both. If someone at SI kept a development diary I think those insights would help alleviate whatever tension exists between devs and the community. Of course though I also understand that it is hard to work on a game and keep a diary simultaneously. Maybe a post-mortem.
  3. Aye but the disconnect comes with the fact that a) FM is not as complicated as real football is and b) it has to approximate certain aspects of real football in obscure ways.
  4. I think the amount of threads that get started on a weekly basis about this issue should probably tell SI something
  5. I was under the impression that this instruction affected your team when in possession only.
  6. Move the RW to where the RCM is and the LW to vertically in line with the left FB. Now both central midfielders would be forced to position themselves more centrally, and just have much less space around them in general to worry about. They would then be able to step out of the midfield line without much harm at all. Along the lines of this (imperfect example, just showing a real world scenario for context):
  7. If you tuck the wingers in then those 2 CMs would be physically unable to have as poor positioning as that due to the restrictions of the actual space. If the right sided winger were standing more around where the RCM is and that RCM were still standing acres out of position then he might actually be dead. Genuinely dead. The narrowness of wide players affects the positioning of central players much more than vice versa. They reduce the amount of central space the CM has to think about.
  8. I would point to https://2plus2equals11.com/category/crossing/ and http://statsbomb.com/2014/10/how-low-can-you-go-assorted-thoughts-about-crosses/. Crossing isn't pointless, would never suggest it. But every defensive scheme has to concede something, and it is far more valuable long term for that to be the wide areas.
  9. It isn't narrow enough to achieve what people want from it. In that first picture, for example, the positioning all across the midfield line is wonky. The yellow no.10 has ample room, and any movements he made would in turn give the 8 more room for a shot. The positioning of the opposition full backs is overly-conservative too, and would be giving you nightmares if they were any higher. There's three defenders covering one Yellow player and four midfield players covering... I'm not even sure what. If this sort of positioning isn't providing a problem then I would question the effectiveness of the opposition AI in this case or as a whole. I realise it's difficult to reach sweeping conclusions without masses and masses of evidence, but I think to assume that this isn't a problem ignores several nuances. Also I'm now realising that this is pointless because the community just isn't big enough for the requisite amount of people to come forward.
  10. The average position of the wingers without the ball there is not very narrow. The idea of "how many goals are you actually conceding from this anyway" is slightly missing the point that crosses are a very low% form of chance creation. It's hard to pinpoint exactly the effect it is having because a) it's a long term thing and b) it's hard to show the benefits of something you cant get to work.
  11. I've been experimenting with a 4-2-2-2 (2 DMs, 2 CMs, and then whatever you want after that. Two strikers, two AMs, an AM & a striker, up to you) and it sort of works like a narrow 4-4-2, oddly. Especially helps if you give the CMs some generous closing down/marking, that way they really get out to press in the halfspaces. Of course doing this makes the possession game harder to translate, but I think it's doable with some fiddling.
  12. Don't have anything new or specific to say, would just like to make it known to any devs reading that this is the issue I'd most like to see fixed in future games. Enjoy your Christmas.
  13. It seems to me that it's answerable without knowing anything about their setup. I understand that the screenshot is from a different user, but surely the two problems are one and the same. If the problem is "my wingers are too wide" then there's only going to be so many ways to resolve that, and you'd probably end up writing the same thing regardless of how much you know about their system. Also I still don't understand how the winger being tighter is irrelevant. If the wingers are tighter then the CM wouldn't have to leave his position, or at least would be in less danger if he did so.
  14. This seems to be ignoring the OP's issue. Yes the midfield is facing a 3v2, but that problem wouldn't be there if the wide players (and the block as a whole) were positioned narrower. I'm sure OP is well aware of the problem here but doesn't want to combat it with adding another player in midfield. If Red's two wide players (8 and 22) were narrower, around in the half spaces, or if the strikers were deeper (which is really, *really* hard to achieve on FM) then the team could very easily to deal with the 3v2. There are numerous real life examples of teams mostly conceding the flanks to better deal with midfield penetration. I'd assume this is not the whole of the OP's issue because it wouldn't be a 100% fix, but he/she has a valid question. If nothing else it would be nice to have an answer to their question, regardless of whatever issues you may see in their system.
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