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  1. After my query a few days ago, I have done some tweaks with my superleague and believe I will be ready to launch the challenge during Sunday.
  2. Well, at the moment the unplayable club reps would be in the region of 2,000 - 2,500. Now this means different things for different countries, for example it could be a top division team in Africa or India, but in England that would correlate to someone like Accrington Stanley. The way I have structured the leagues is that for example one of the lowest playable divisions includes a league purely of lower ranked Euro nations (eg: Your San Marinos, Liechtensteins, Andorras etc), to allow them to be competitive at the very start. Now obviously over time the divisions won't stay as "pure" (for want of a better word) as what they are initially designed for due to the mix and match of promotions / relegations. This means in theory you could have an unplayable league club with a higher rep than some playable league teams. The one thing I want to structure if possible is that unplayable division teams are linked to the respective lowest playable divisions. Not sure if this is 100% possible, but I plan to give it a go - this would give a variety of clubs to choose from and the unplayable clubs eligible at the start of the 2nd season for each league would be more closely alligned to the club reps of the existing teams in those leagues.
  3. WW's Small to big club challenge - The World Superleague Some of you may have seen my international team challenge that is currently on going. Well over the weekend I took a break from that and decided to start creating my own World Superleague structure. So far I have: World Premier League World First Division World Second Division Regional First Division A / B / C Regional Second Division A / B/ C / D / E / F World Development Leagues A - O (15 leagues) In total there are about 640 playable teams in the league structure, with the vast vast majority of all the FIFA nations with representation. However, I thought as good as that may be to play - how about making a new version of the Small to Big club challenge - A world challenge. So I now have relegation from the World Development Leagues, so that a previously unplayable team in the league structure can become playable. Currently you could play as one of 150 previously unplayable teams. So, question is - would anyone want to play in this form of small to big club challenge? I have all the leagues in place, just need to refine the leagues, so I could set up the challenge by next weekend if interest is there. In addition, I would be willing to let a reliable member of the forums run a sign up from the database if there is interest in that.
  4. Cheers Wouldn't say I'm properly back like I used to be, but I should be posting a bit more than earlier in the year.
  5. Yeah got my copy of FM this afternoon on the way home from my exam this morning. Got the rest of the afternoon off from work.... oh joy!
  6. Not sure how many players your draft had in it Robert... all I remember was that it was a pain in the ass to try and sort out!
  7. I might have to join you here Dodgee - I don't think I will be able to afford the time to create a sign up etc and the one thing that sometimes puts me off the small to big club challenges is the limitation of just 1 country's league, so I think my progress will be documented here. Hopefully by the time I have the game on Tuesday some whizz kid has already processed the lower leagues of Italian Football, so I can begin on Mark 2 of The Miracle of Castel Di Sangro!
  8. My thoughts Spartan5: Good idea in theory and I think there might be a few sign ups similar to this in FM10. 58 players is a tough ask - ok there are 53 players in the Eurovision sign up, but that requires 1 post in creating players, unlike this that would probably require a series of players. A 58 player draft system (if used) would just create chaos in my opinion. Robert's EPL draft contained 20 players and that took an age. I'd focus on a small league system - if you want prom / reg, then aim for fewer teams in each league I reckon.
  9. Gundo's challenge is going to be even more of a challenge now potentially. Andorran and San Marino leagues anyone!
  10. Haha, I knew I had seen something similar to my idea somewhere on the forums! Bit of a brain freeze moment this morning!! I think what I will do is see out your sign up pans out and if I think I there is room for a different thread based on an experiment then I'll let you know just so we aren't covering the same stuff!
  11. Give the rubbish nations a chance - AI Experiment It's been quite a while since I ran a thread on these forums, but I've decided to make a return with this AI Experiment, however I just wanted to make sure that something similar hasn't been done before? Idea Using the 2 Malaysian Leagues, the aim is to take some of the worst nations from around the world (2 * 14 clubs + 3 or 4 nations that hopefully will replace the relegated teams) and give them a club in the Malaysian league structure, based in their own country so that overtime it should hopefully produce better youngsters for their nation. Aim of the experiment will be to see how these clubs affect the quality of players coming through for that country and how nations in different FIFA continents will be affected in their chase to get to the World Cup for the very 1st time. South America would be ignored, but national teams would be drawn from N America, Europe, Africa, Asia & Oceania.
  12. Ye of little faith. Can't say I agree - the format is absolutely fine as it is, yeah it may be a bit slow but anyone who followed the FM07 version will know that patience is a huge virtue when it comes to this experiment. Admittedly this experiment isn't rapidly going through the updates like others, but at the end of the day its quality not quantity that makes an experiment worthwhile. Kip was ill for a while and also has a job + family life to contend with, all take precedence over FM. In your own time Kip, it will be worth the wait.
  13. Excellent to hear you are back with the new experiment Kip, sure it will be just as informative as the last one! Particularly like the idea of the Sherriffs and, who I'm sure he will turn into, the infamous eccentric goalkeeper! For what they are worth, my predictions: * Bandits to get promotion and win this season with relative ease. * Sherrifs to follow them up via the playoffs. * All bar one of the Bandits will leave in the summer, with the sole survivor to leave in the following January window. * Bandits will get through the conference in 1-2 seasons but will then take on average 2-3 seasons per division to reach the Premier League (Will be a lot shorter if the backroom staff can hang about for longer). * One of the star strikers will have a ridiculous games / goals record for England, as they proceed to win the 2014 and 2018 World Cups. * The Bandits will win the Premier League at one point, but will never conquer Europe. Will be following with interest as always.
  14. Sounds good PluckaDuck, there is a distinct lack of club sign ups around at the moment (barring sign up like the one by The Lambs). If I could suggest a couple more: A Vatican City based team, rising up through Italy. Using a made up team from Greenland and entering it into the Danish league, as that has 3 leagues to play in.
  15. If you want a USSR league, you might want to try the Editors forum - I know various attempts have been made at this over the years so you might find something (though probably wouldn't be for the latest patch). Also really like the idea of dafuge's challenge in a USSR league. Sort of a Gundo challenge special so to speak!
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