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  1. Top work on this skin - many thanks.
  2. Been looking at this challenge for a few weeks, so I've set it up on my netbook on FM Classic. Currently in my first season, it's been tough going. Injuries haven't helped; all three squad keepers were injured at one point, so we had been leaking goals like crazy. I haven't taken on the National Team just yet, wanted to see if there was any prospects with the club. However, have just secured a valuable away win, followed by a point away at the club 2nd in the league, so hopefully we can move forwards now. Keeping the tactics simple seems to be the way forward too. Nothing too complicated at this stage.
  3. Just wanted to say thank you for the structure of this, been playing over the weekend and it's completely transformed FM for me. And made it really challenging! My wife isn't pleased, been difficult to get me stop playing over the last few days!
  4. Hi, being a bit of a div tonight, but where do I save the xml file to?
  5. I've no idea if this is a bug, or whether it's just a flaw in the game, but if you notice in real life European Competition matches, the goal line assistants stand on the side of the goal nearest the touchline assistant, rather than on the opposite side as they do in FM. I know it's only a small issue, but is it possible to have this corrected?
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