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  1. I don't know about anyone else, but I'd like to see physios reworked and expanded upon. A relatively small thing that I think would add some depth and realism. Some ideas: > Different physio roles, IE team doctor, rehab specialist, nutritionist, masseur, etc. each requiring a slightly different blend of attributes for maximum effectiveness, for example a nutritionist might need high discipline, while a rehab specialist would need good motivating. With this change nobody would need to ask "how many physios do I actually need?" any more, and there would be a little bit of a challenge to assemble a good medical team in the same way there currently is to assemble a good coaching setup. > Obviously different types of physio would have different effects: ***A masseur/masseuse would help the players recover more quickly between matches (not to be confused with the other kind of masseuse who helps the players relax and who we don't mention to their wives, or the press (that type probably shouldn't be in the game)). ***A nutritionist would aid a player's fitness levels as well as their physical attributes, so if you employ one you should expect to have slightly faster, leaner players and to see slightly better results when training a specific physical attribute. ***A rehab specialist would obviously aid those returning from injury, especially serious injuries such as broken legs, torn ligaments, etc. So if you have Darren Anderton, Jonathan Woodgate and Michael Owen in your team, you should probably hire a full-time rehab specialist. ***Team doctor would be the one to deal with minor "injuries" such as colds, stubbed toes, etc (for which the manager should also have a "suck it up you big baby" option tbh). Team doctor would also conduct new signing's medicals and make the initial assessment of injuries and recommend specialists if required. Also needs to be handy with the penicillin shots when the players have been "celebrating". > Part-timers. Even at the biggest of clubs, some medical positions don't need to be full-time, so medical staff should be more open to accepting part-time contracts. This saves the club some money and allows the medic in question to supplement their income through consulting work and private practices, which brings me to... > Outsourcing. Be able to send players to named specialists who run their own practices independently of any club for a higher one-off fee (these should be better and pricier than the unnamed specialists already in the game or, even better, replace them entirely). Just one notable example of this would be Hans-Wilhelm Müller-Wohlfahrt, best known for almost four decades at Bayern Munich, who has simultaneously run his own private practice at which he has treated many non-Bayern players such as Jonathan Woodgate, Michael Owen and Harry Kewell as well as athletes from entirely different sports including Usain Bolt and Kelly Holmes as well as musical muppet Bono. Moving on from physios, we currently have the option to delegate the hiring and firing of all staff to someone else, but I'd like to see this broken down to a departmental level. So I'd like the option to let my U18 manager build his own backroom team, to let my chief scout hire and fire all the other scouts, to have head physio in charge of recruiting the medical team, etc. rather than the all-or-nothing approach currently offered. Oh, and I'd absolutely LOVE to go back to the old training system and actually make my own training schedules again.
  2. Hey folks, decided to have a go at managing the French national team, here's my fixture list (all friendlies because hosts don't have to qualify for the Euros): Now, the Cape Verde, Peru and Algeria games I've arranged myself, but for some bizarre reason the AI has decided I have to play Denmark, Albania and Armenia twice each, which doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me, would rather have some variety in who I play, but I am unable to cancel any of these friendlies as the 'cancel' button is greyed out. I've seen this before when clubs have friendlies against affiliates or as part of a transfer deal, but can anyone enlighten me as to why this might be the case for international friendlies? Or have I just hit a bug?
  3. For me, having played CM/FM for about 15 years now, the biggest failing of the game, and one that's got more and more noticeable with each release, is the AI's inability to negotiate and refusal to accept anything less an arbitrary expectation it has when it comes to contract offers. Yesterday, for example, I attempted to sign Juan Cuadrado. He (or rather, his agent) wanted £160k p/w, £5m signing fee, £500k agent fee, £800k CL bonus, and other minor bonuses. By the time of my third or fourth offer, I was offering £125k p/w, £4m signing fee, £1m agent fee, £250k CL bonus (frankly ludicrous as there's already a bonus pot for that) and other bonuses which were more generous than he wanted, but he refused to come below £155k p/w, £4.5m sign-on and refused to budge at all on the £800k CL bonus. Not only is this annoying, it's also ridiculously unrealistic: this is a player on £30k p/w at Fiorentina (I never play with January databases because realism) with no other offers on the table and no other clubs showing interest. Now sure, he'd like£155k p/w but in reality if that offer isn't forthcoming, he would at the very least consider (and let's be honest, probably grab with both hands) the quadrupling of his wages, plus an extra £4m for doing nothing, plus an extra £250k for winning a competition he's not even going to be in otherwise. But in-game he is in fact staying in Italy on his sub-par £30k contract and not getting a sniff of CL action, and all because the AI is incapable of negotiation or compromise. I could understand the stubbornness if he had other big-money offers on the table, but nobody else was even looking at him. TL;DR: player refused 4x wages because he wanted 5x so he's now stuck where he was with no pay rise at all. This is just one example of a regularly-occurring issue that has often influenced me to just give up on FM for weeks or months at a time. I've read elsewhere that the salary a player expects is based largely on the stature of the club making the offer, which is why a player will be happier to earn £750 p/w at Kilmarnock than £10k p/w at Celtic.... If this is the case then it is utterly ludicrous. So basically, what I want to see: 1. Massive improvement to AI negotiation logic and willingness to compromise. By all means players/agents should go into negotiations expecting to get more from bigger/richer clubs but they should not have such a ludicrously high and stubborn "floor", especially when it's still a massive pay rise on offer. 2. Shift expectations away from club stature a bit - take into account various factors (depending on player personality) such as adaptability, how likely they are to play, etc. 3. More variety of agents. at present it seems like 90% of agents in FM are greedy, ruthless robots who don't care about their clients' careers. Sure, there are some like this IRL, but if the proportion was this high, nobody would have agents as the risk would be too great. I'm not asking for things to be easier, just more realistic. 4. Make players, particularly the young and unproven, the aging and the injury-prone (and maybe others depending on personality types) more open to low-wage contracts with high bonus incentives. IIRC Michael Owen joined Man Utd on a deal with relatively low wages but huge appearance fees, known as a "pay-as-you-play" contract. 5. While we're on the subject of contracts, make staff more willing to listen to offers: if a guy is listed as a scout and a coach and an assistant manager, then if he has no assman offers he should be open to the idea of becoming a coach or scout. Otherwise why is he listed under those staff roles if he's not interested?
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