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  1. The midfield is a big problem in this tactic I think.The wingers getting and staying up too high on the pitch, your DLP is also a bit higher up.When you lose possession there's only 1 man in the midfield to stop the counter attack.But as he is a BWM he's going to leave his position and go to press the man in possession and that'll leave your centre halves with zero protection. The second problem is the role of the strikers.None of them are offering anything in build up play and are always looking to make runs. Also they only have support from the wings via crosses so if you come up against two tall CDs most of the balls in will get snuffed out and they'll not be getting much support from other players(because of the roles in the m/f) and will be ineffective. So,the changes I'd make is 1.Use a DLF/CF(s) with the AF(a) 2.Change W(a) on both wings to W(a)-W(s) 3.In the midfield DLP(d)/CM(d) with CM(a)/AP(a)
  2. A couple of saves back I got promoted with Watford(2nd place in the Championship),got a kitty of 1.5M with a 100k bump in the wage budget.Picked up a few on loans and frees and somehow finished in 13th place with a 5 point difference over the 14th.The board was delighted and gave me 4.5M.I resigned.
  3. RVP scored 33 in 35 games for me in his last season before retirement.He was 35 then.David de Gea retired when he was 39 and his last season he kept 21 clean sheets and won the Golden Glove award.Adnan Januzaj scored 25 and set up 10 in 30 appearances in his last season,he was also 35.All of these are from the same save.
  4. It's a new feature of FM16.Miles posted it a while ago on twitter.
  5. Niklas Stark from Nurnberg Age 19 Position: DM/M(natural) DC(accomplished) Price: 3.5 million pounds Wage: 10-16k pounds iirc
  6. The manager should not be have control over the DoF and should not be able to sack/hire one.We can request the board to sack him at the time of your interview or at a later date but the board may reject/accept it.In real life DoFs are often involved in hiring and firing of managers but you hardly hear about a manager firing a DoF or restricting his duties.So,I think the DoF staff role should be redefined in future FMs to make it more realistic.
  7. Niklas Stark,Andre Ayew,Gaston Gil Romero,Pablo Insua,Thierry Ambrose(loan) Only one of them comes in the must buy list but all of them are awesome for top half clubs in top leagues.
  8. Thanks for your input vasilli07,I'll do that and see how things go.And I want my WM to play a bit narrower and provide a passing option for both the right sided FB and the AP in possession and help maintain the shape without it.
  9. This is how I have set up my Luton Town team. My Formation: TM(s) P(a) W(a) CM(d) AP(a) WM(s) FB(s) CD(d) BPD(d) FB(a) Mentality: Standard then Control/Counter depending on the situation Shape: Structured My TIs: 1. Lower tempo 2. Prevent short GK dist. 3. Close down less My PIs: TM: Tackle harder Close down much more P: Move into channels W: Close down more Tackle harder Cross aim TM More direct CM Dribble less Fewer risky passes Tackle harder AP Get further forward More direct passes WM Sit Narrower Cross less often Left FB Close down more Fewer risky passes Sit Narrower Cross less often CD No Instructions BPD No Instructions Right FB Close down more Cross aim TM Run wide with ball Problem #1 So,I took charge at Luton Town in League 2 with 11 games left and have played 4 matches(W-1,L-1,D-3) so far. The 3-0 loss came away to Portsmouth on my second day of charge and I am not to concerned with that. In the next 3 games defensive performances improved(conceded 2,both from set pieces) but our play in the final third has been less than encouraging. The players are moving well and taking up good positions but the final ball is always poor.It's either rushed and wayward or the buildup is too slow and allows the opposition defenders to steal the ball away. I am quite sure that I am doing something wrong here and I need some help from you guys. Problem #2 Long throws into the box is a huge problem for me.How do you defend against them? Problem #3 Is there anyway to stop my keeper from taking free kicks which are given beyond the area?
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