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  1. Want to know how you guys go about picking your coaches for the under 23s. Obviously when picking under 18s coaches working with youngsters is an essential stat but is it still as important at under 23 level?? When a player is no longer young enough to play for under 18s are they then considered men and as such the coach doesn’t need to cater for coaching a kid??
  2. Pretty sure I played that game too many many moons ago!! if it’s the one I’m thinking of, it had sideline shouts during games years and years before FM brought them in
  3. Good to know it’s been reported. Hopefully it gets fixed. I used to always negotiate a lower wage and not bother with it but wanted to do it differently this time around. The wage seems to be capped though which is unrealistic. I tried it and sure enough they offered me a new contract but the wage offer was the exact same as beforehand - I had reload game to try this experiment.
  4. Interesting idea, I’ll give it a shot! there has to be something wrong with his feature though. There’s no reason I can think of why you can’t get a proper payrise.
  5. I’ve enjoyed a lot of success at my club over 4 and a half years. The clubs finances are fantastic and we’re about 500k UNDER our wage budget. Ive 18 months left on my 85k a week contract so asked for a new one which the board agreed to. I left the philosophies as they are but I’m finding it absolutely impossible to get any sort of good payrise. Why is this? Has anyone any suggestions? Especially with the fact the club is so healthy financially and have a huge wage budget unused it doesn’t make sense.
  6. Had something just happen in my career save and feel it was completely ignored, something that would never have happened in real life. For the first time in my 3 and a half years in charge, my team lost a competitive match at home and nothing was mentioned about it at all. In fact it's never even come up once how invincible we were at home during that time, again something that would be brought up all the time IRL. So my suggestion is simply, the game should keep track of your home form(and indeed your away form while you're at it!) and a record of it should be kept along with the other club records. It should also prompt more of a talking point amongst the media. Thanks for reading.
  7. Sweet! Thanks a mill Knap, youve made playing this game enjoyable for someone who doesnt really have time to figure out the tactics myself!
  8. Hi guys Havent played FM since January, does this tactic still work after recent patches?? Which version works best in current patch? Id loved to continue on my career save, ideally with same formation as the squad is built around 433! Thanks for any help
  9. Is this the wrong forum section for this question? im amazed how hard it has gotten to get a small bit of help on these forums compared to years ago
  10. I've come back to FM after a few years away and was hoping to pick the brains of people far better informed then me if you wouldn't mind! 3 seasons into my career save and I've just taken over the French national team. Ive left the coaches and assistant manager that were already there. I've setup the 3 tactics I want trained (2 of them are identical to help speed things up, the third is a very slight variant) and the familiarity is zero so my questions are: what can I do the speed up the squad being familiar with my tactics? How long does it typically take for it to go all the way up? Is there any other tips you could suggest?
  11. I'm sorry but this is incorrect, go into your game and try it. Go to Transfers- Offer To Clubs- Loan Offer- Youll see squad status on the right hand side with 6 options to choose from ranging from Key Player to Youngster. Where is the option to leave it blank?? the only thing you can do is choose an option but leave it negotiable. I cant be the only person struggling to loan out youngsters of good quality.
  12. I don't think you can leave it blank?? you have to choose something from the drop down menu
  13. I'm into the 4th season of my career save and it's getting to the stage where some of the youth prospects I've signed need to go out and get first team football but I'm struggling to get any offers for most of my players. The only setting I'm putting in when I offer them out is that they're first team players, I'm even happy to continue paying all their wages so clubs who mightn't be able to afford them can still apply yet nobody makes an offer?? A lot of them are of league 1 or championship level but have much higher potential( I'm in the premiership) why are no clubs making offers? Has anyone else had this issue and how have you fixed it?? its ruining my save to be honest as my youngsters won't get the football they need
  14. There's no neutral option choice. Anyone from SI????
  15. I've retrained Coutinho into a central midfielder/Mezzala and is now natural at it. The problem is he now complains that the training assigned won't produce anymore results so how do I turn it off?? I only seem to be able to choose other positions to retrain him in but I don't want that. How do I stop his position/role training???
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