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  1. Parma FC have undergone a takeover by a Chinese businessman: http://soloparma.weebly.com/blog/official-chinese-takeover-announced Apparently, the owner is the same person who has taken over Granada FC.
  2. Nation: Pretty much anywhere Division: Not too fussed but would prefer a club either not in the top division or not the top club in the top division European Competition: Does not matter Media Prediction: Not too fussed Board Expectation(s): Not very particular Transfer Budget: Not too fussed Wage Budget: Some room to work with Finances: Not in debt Other: I really am not sure what I am looking for to be honest, am looking for any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Hi All, Over the years, I must say that SI have done decent job with Singaporean League (S-League), well, at least in regards to this and the previous iteration, alas, it is still missing a few things which I hope to be able to add using the editor but I am hitting some problems. Now, before I proceed, let me explain the structure and then which parts I am having trouble with. STRUCTURE: ------------ S-League [] It consists of: 01) Balestier Khalsa 02) Geylang International 03) Home United 04) Hougang United 05) Tampines Rovers 06) Tanjong Pagar 07) Warriors F.C. 08) Woodlands Wellington - All local clubs, all teams do not have the traditional reserve teams but instead have Prime League (see below) team, which is a U23 team. 01) Courts Young Lions : Effectively, Singapore's national U23 team (although, recently, they have mostly operated as the national U21s) Unlike the other teams, who operate a U23 prime league team, instead, they operate the Under 18s and the Under 17s Participate in the Prime league along with the other "Prime" teams. 01) Albirex Niigata (S) : Satalite club to Albirex Niigata in Japan, closely associated with Japan Soccer Collage, this team is basically a developmental feeder team. 02) Brunei DPMM : The only real professional club from Brunei, so in effect, it consists of pretty much the whole Bruneian national team. Used to participate in the Malaysian League so as some history with Singapore and the region, its also owned and backed by the Bruneian royal family ($$$) 03) Harimau Muda B : Malaysian ==== Prime Leage - Functions more or less as a reserve league but consisting of 8 local clubs U23 Prime league team in the league and the Young Lions U18s and U17s ==== Singapore National Football League - At this point, there is no relegation/promotion with the top tier - Consists of NFL 1 : 8 teams for this year, no promotion slots but 2 automatic relegation spots - A mix of amature and semi-pro teams NFL 2 : 9 teams this year, 2 automatic promotion slots and 2 automatic relegation slots - A mix of amature and semi-pro teams NFL 3 : 9 teams this year, 2 automatic promotion slots and 2 automatic relegation slots - A mix of amature and semi-pro teams, although the bulk is amature. - Teams relegated from NFL3 will go down to the National Islandwide League, which is pretty much the lowest level and consist almost exclusively amature sides (there might be some operating as semi-pro but not much information is available) SOURCES http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013_S.League If you have been reading this long, bless you! Problems/Questions ------------------- I have managed to create a working NFL 1 to NFL 3, also managed to set up the Singapore FA Cup, however, the NFL 1, 2 and 3 currently consists of 8, 9 and 9 teams respectively, I know that this is likely to change and become 10/10/10 respectively, how can set the future increase? and is there a way i can set it to expend at set time in the future? Also, in regards to prize and tv money: - we dont really have tv revenue but I was looking at this as means to facilitate the league seed money and grants, will this figure change over time? (i did a search on this and i think it does change but got conflicting answers so am asking here again) - Prize money, is it dynamic and does it tie in to the league reputation? I know previously this was static, has that been changed? In regards to the Prime League, I cant seem to create it as it cannot be placed below a inactive competition (in my file, I have made the Islanwide League as inactive), I cant even place it between the S-League and NFL1, any help on that? - Young Lions are not allowed to sign any players over the age of 23 but in the game, they still can, anyway around this? (I have tried to set the team max age to 23 but it does not seem to always work) -
  4. I know my idea isnt really original, there have already been a few of this kinda DBs floating around out there, to be honest, this whole thing started on the World Endurance League DB that is posted on the FM-Base forums, I am currently having fun with it so I thought I would do one of my own but with all fictional clubs. Although I ashamedly admit that I never knew about your fictional AFL, sorry! but I do like the 8 Team league, makes for a quick fun game. I will be downloading your update to see how you got things set up and if you have no objections, I might borrow some Ideas... ... Thanks for the link mate, and please, feel free to make any suggestions. PS: I apologize for the unintentionally using your idea but you know what they say? imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!
  5. http://www.givemefootball.com/premier-league/younger-hazard-set-for-chelsea-move Seems like Thorgan will be joining his elder bro Eden........
  6. Hi All, I have an intention to make a custom fantasy league but since I am not a expert in the Data Editor, I will be needing some help and I was hoping that I could accomplish a number of things in this thread besides seeking editor specific help but 1st: The Concept: As the name implies, it is a fantasy league, where the worlds richest people have banded together to create a league that is filled with newly created teams, all teams will be on a level playing field, the idea is to have the following: - approx 30 teams, I am open to discussion regarding the number of teams as the intention is to have league run in a way that it will not have any real impact on continental competitions such as EUROPA or UEFA etc... - All teams will have the same reputation, finances and facilities. Level playing field - They will all have no players and no staff, this way, I hope to achieve a more "dynamic" game of sorts where every new game will be different (hopefully) - The so called representative countries will be based on a list of the worlds most richest people, richest countries, economically most powerful nations and cities, I am currently looking at no more then 2 clubs from the same nation and to have the most nations represented. this is still in the thought process so I have not finalized the teams yet. - Where possible, I would like to resurrect extinct teams that are in the DB that would have a cultural and/or historical significance to the nation/city being represented What I hope to achieve: - A fictional fantasy league that can be added to the game without affecting the existing structure of the leagues and competitions that are already in the game, this is just fantasy after all and it should just be a pure add on to the game. - Since no existing competition structures are not affected, I hope to have this compatible with most real world transfer updates, I know I can get Hazard for about 30mil from Lille in the default DB but that is not likely if I tried to get him from Chelsea in one of the transfer updates. - Learn more about the editor - Contribute to the community What I plan to do and use and why: - Based the league in Liechtenstein. mainly since they do not have any domestic competition, they do not have any continental qualification places, as mentioned, I do not want to mess with the existing active competitions. - Use Intercontinental Champions Clubs' Cup (1301393). it has has history and its a extinct league in the DB, I do plan to rename it, main reason why I am using it is cos of the history. - Are the above viable? is there any better alternatives? What am I looking for: - Interest. will anyone be interested in playing this db beside myself? - Ideas for resurrecting the teams - Ideas for created teams - Help, suggestions and advice regarding the editor - Anyone interested in creating some graphics such as kits and logos? With that, I just wanted to state to the mods that the reason I posted it on the editors hideaway is because at this point of time, this is a WIP DB of sorts so I felt that it would be best to post it here for now and perhaps have this thread moved to a more appropriate one at a later time, of cos, If any of you feel that it this should be moved, please feel free to do so. I just didn't feel that it would be beneficial to have multiple threads and its seems more easy to maintain just the one.
  7. I agree with SRL88 to some extent, the fact that they are wealthy does help a lot but they are tremendously fun save!...I do highly recommend them...
  8. Hi Pr0, Hope I am not too late but here are some more updates, some of them I have already mentioned but have gotten confirmation. Looking forward to the update mate! NOTE: - All fees listed are in pounds unless otherwise stated Genaro Snijders (Vitesse) > to Willem II (free transfer) Raio Piiroja (Vitesse) > Released Jeroen Drost (Vitesse) > Released Kevin van Diermen (Vitesse) > Released Julian Jenner (Vitesse) > Released Marcus Pedersen (Vitesse) > Back to vitesse from Valerenga (loan return) Patrick Greveraars (Free) > has joined the backroom staff, Coach Anthony Annan (FC Schalke 04) > Back to FC Schalke 04 (Loan Return) Patrick van Aanholt (Chelsea) > Vitesse (Loan ext for 1 more yr) Tomas Kalas (Chelsea) > Vitesse (Loan ext for 1 more yr) Ulises Dávila (Chelsea) > 1 yr loan to CE Sabedell Jeffrey Bruma (Chelsea)) > Hamburger SV (Loan ext for 1 more yr) Dominik Kaiser (TSG 1899 Hoffenheim) > RB Leipzig (undisclosed) Patrick Koronkiewicz (Bayer 04 Leverkusen II) > RB Leipzig (free transfer) Jeremy Karikari (SV Eintracht Trier 05) > RB Leipzig (free transfer) Adrian Mrowiec (Heart of Midlothian FC) > RB Leipzig (free transfer) Fabio Coltorti (FC Lausanne-Sport) > RB Leipzig (free transfer) Juri Judt (1.FC Nuremberg) > RB Leipzig (free transfer) Tom Nattermann (RB Leipzig U19) > Prmoted to the 1st team but is not in the game Tom Geißler (RB Leipzig) > FC Carl Zeiss Jena (free transfer) Daniel Rosin (RB Leipzig) > Released Steven Lewerenz (RB Leipzig) > SV Eintracht Trier 05 (free transfer) Maximilian Watzka (RB Leipzig) > Released Matthias Buszkowiak (RB Leipzig) > SSV Markranstädt (free transfer) Paolo Guerrero (Hamburger SV) > Sport Club Corinthians Paulista (2.640.000) David Jarolím (Hamburger SV) > Released Dániel Nagy (Hamburger SV) > VfL Osnabrück (free transfer) Romeo Castelen (Hamburger SV) > Released Mickaël Tavares (Hamburger SV) > Released Miroslav Stepanek (Hamburger SV) > FK Senica (free transfer) Also pr0, I know I am prob the only one who plays in the s.league but I would really appreciate if you could spend some time and look trough the following links and kindly update the transfers, if the transfers dont show in the links, please just click on "transfers" on the left menu of each clucb and hit the "show" button for the respective season on the "Choose transfers during another season:" dropdown....a million thanks mate! http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/tampines-rovers/transfers/verein_6731_2011.html http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/singapore-armed-forces/transfers/verein_15356_2011.html http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/home-united/transfers/verein_4131_2011.html http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/balestier-khalsa/transfers/verein_24991_2011.html http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/courts-young-lions/transfers/verein_15367_2011.html http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/tanjong-pagar-united/transfers/verein_31525_2011.html http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/hougang-united/transfers/verein_11979_2011.html http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/woodlands-wellington/transfers/verein_6882_2011.html http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/gombak-united/transfers/verein_15752_2011.html http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/geylang-united/transfers/verein_1226_2011.html http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/albirex-niigata-singapore/transfers/verein_23472_2012.html http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/dpmm-fc/transfers/verein_14320_2011.html http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/harimau-muda/transfers/verein_34975_2012.html Also, the http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk site is a great source of transfer and player information such as history and stuff for player around the world another good link for transfers which I am pretty sure you are already aware of is www.goal.com. Thanks pr0, I am holding of on a new game till your update is out tonight!!
  9. Had a quick look: For Vitesse: Genaro Snijders > free transfer Raio Piiroja > free transfer Jeroen Drost > free transfer Kevin van Diermen > free transfer Julian Jenner > free transfer Anthony Annan > FC Schalke 04 (Loan Return) Patrick van Aanholt > Chelsea FC (Loan return) Tomas Kalas had his loan extended I think, I am not sure about that though.... Marcus Pedersen is also no longer at loan at Valerenga is back at Vitesse As for RB Leipzig The below link as most of the info needed, also, the head coach has been replaced by ALEXANDER ZORNIGER http://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/en/rb-leipzig/transfers/verein_23826_2012.html and just for kicks, you might want to read the (badly) translated page http://translate.google.com.sg/translate?hl=en&sl=de&u=http://www.bulls-club.de/&prev=/search%3Fq%3Drb%2Bleipzig%26hl%3Den%26biw%3D1920%26bih%3D912%26prmd%3Dimvns&sa=X&ei=gC3zT6DiL_GViAeI_rijCQ&ved=0CGoQ7gEwAw
  10. Hey Pr0, just a quick question...any changes made to RB Leipzig and Vitesse mate?
  11. Nice work, am in the middle of great save with Vittesse right now, 2 seasons in so I wont be able to benefit from your update just yet but I wanted to pop by and say: ​Happy Birthday Pr0!!
  12. An alternative to Twente is Vitesse, I actually started as them for a test game, purely to try out tactics and some player without the hassle of work permits and I found playing as them so much fun that its now my main (and only) game, the expectations are reasonable and you get a very very good wage and transfer kitty plus you have some very very good players in the form of Bony Wilfried, Giorgi Chanturia and Mike Havenaar just to name a few...I would highly recommend them...
  13. Yeah, I remember watching the highlights for that match, they are the only team that I know of that lost the match cos of a own golden goal(I might be wrong on that)...a real shame..I have decided on having 2 saves especially since Pr0 has just released his latest update packs, one will be Alaves, my main save!...the other will be something to use so as to try out players and stuff since I havent really done much experimenting since I got the game, prob going to be Vitesse, not sure.. Between these 2 saves and Diablo 3, I am going to be mighty occupied....good thing I am single
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