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  1. Coaching Qualifications

    Two of my coaches in question have now just been sent on courses by the board without me requesting it. Bit odd why I wasn't allowed request it after previously being able to but at least they have been sent.
  2. Apologies if this has been posted before but I tried searching and couldn't find any threads for FM15. Anyway, I have been sending some of my coaches on courses and they have successfully completed the ones I've sent them on. Great. Now I currently have 2 coaches who have just achieved National B licences and one new coach who I just signed with a Continental B but I cannot send any of them on courses. Are they blocked by a certain potential cap? Surely any coach should be able to go on to the next course if they have completed the previous one? I know money isn't an issue either and I have sent one other coach, my U19s manager on his National A.
  3. OK so I have the 4-2-3-1 and went for a more basic 4-5-1 with inside forwards. So far, 3 games into the season, I beat last seasons winners Sligo Rovers 3-1 away from home, lost to the runners-up Shelbourne at home then beat fellow relegation candidates U.C.D 2-0 away from home. Now I know 3 games isn't much to really tell how the formation is working but the team does seem to be playing better now, albeit I have brought in some new talent which has improved the team. I am still unsure as to when and what shouts to use for this formation. Any tips?
  4. OK so this is my first thread for FM13 and even though I have had the game since it came out I have been unable to really get a grasp of it and make a team successful. I have been playing in the Irish Premier Division and started a few different games with Shelbourne, had some success in one game but just felt like starting again as I couldn't really push on. So now I have started a game with Dundalk and I have simplified my tactics (as in I'm not messing around with individual sliders this time round). After reading a couple topics on here I decided I'd go for one tactic which was slow build up, narrow, and counter attacking. I also use the 'Pass into space' 'Run at defence' and 'Retain possession' shouts. My 3-3-3-1 I have used this tactic 9 times in the league, scoring 7 and conceding 9. My second tactic is a 4-2-3-1 which is quicker, more direct, wider and with an attacking focus. I also use the 'Get stuck in' 'Hit early crosses' and 'Get ball forward' shouts. I have used this tactic 4 times in the league, scoring 2 and conceding 4. This is how my team compares to the rest of the league: Now my team is not the greatest but I do have some decent players. My expectations was to consolodate at the start of the season so the board does not expect much but I was hoping I could achieve mid-table if not even push for Europe as it's an extremely competitive league and there are only 11 teams in it. Basically what I am trying to ask is can these 2 tactics work the way I have them set up? Or have I got them completely the wrong way around? I'm not 100% on the shouts either and what best way they effect each tactic. Also, I am finding it hard to score especially with my more attacking players. My striker is quite slow and I am finding it hard how to get the best out of a lone forward. I've noticed as well that my back up striker who is speedy enough, 13 Accel and 13 Pace has performed better even though his mental and technical stats are lower. So I suppose a quick striker is important anyway.
  5. [FM11] It all began in Ireland

    Cheers, absolutely chuffed with it
  6. [FM11] It all began in Ireland

    Season Review 2020 League Table Past League Positions Well, well, well, look at where we are now. LEAGUE CHAMPIONS!! I was absolutely delighted with the team this season, they were unbelievable. We won 20 of our 27 games, which was no mean feat in such a competitive league with just the one promotion place. The change of tactic really worked and it showed with a couple of my strikers bagging plenty of goals. The team felt unbeatable for a while, we lost our 2nd game and I thought it was going to be another season where we'd play well but lose too many and not have enough to get there, then we stepped up to the challenge and never looked back. We lost 1 more game during the next 21 games then lost 2 of our last 4, after already being promoted and I decided to give some of the reserves/youngins a bit of play time. I honestly can't believe we won promotion so easily, I had a feeling the new tactic would certainly get us to about the 50 point mark and push for the title before falling off at the end but it was not to be and we won the league, and in spectacular fashion, equalling the most amount of goals scored in the league with 63. I was so proud of the team but I know next season will be very tough. At least we just need to do better than one team as there is just the one relegation place. Praise and wishes welcome Finnish Cup Another good performance in the cup, hopefully now as a Premiership team we can reach even later rounds and possibly be in with a shout of winning it. Squad The squad has fantastic depth and I am rarely screwed over with injuries/suspensions which is very important in such a short season. Finances The finances are still very stable but as I am writing this I have sold one of my wingers who I brought in for just 24k, and sold him for €1million, not a bad deal for the club. Key Players: Morten Hartmaan Another fine defensive performance throughout the whole season by this guy, I can't thank him enough and I needed this promotion as he is constantly linked to bigger and better clubs. Frederic Djidonou Another excellent season my this guy and he keeps on improving, I look forward to seeing how he does in the Premiership. Ari Lehmus With 15 goals in the league for the team, he was inspirational and propelled us to equaling the highest amount of goals scored ever in the league.
  7. [FM11] It all began in Ireland

    True, progress is progress, but I am pretty confident the squad is good enough to challenge for the title next season, I've played 8 and won 6 so far so that's giving me a lot of confidence I changed from a 4-5-1 to a 4-3-3, scoring more goals this way anyway.
  8. [FM11] It all began in Ireland

    Season Review 2019 League Table Past League Positions Well another decent season, pretty much the same as the last few. The squad is pretty much ready I think, but I changed my formation again at the end of the season which saw me win my last 3 games quite comfortably so maybe that is the key for next season, who knows! I wish I had more to tell you guys but it has been pretty much the same as the last couple seasons, just a couple new players and a slightly higher position in the league, progress is surely being made, just slowly. Finnish Cup Much better performance than last season in this competition and I was happy with how the team performed. Squad I have quite a good squad compared with other teams in the league, I just need to find the best way of making them work. My two new wingers, Mireku and Diallo are attracting a lot of attention from across Europe, with Sporting Lisbon and Malaga interested in Diallo. Finances I still need to find a way to start making some decent money, promotion will probably do it for me Key Players: Morten Hartmaan Another solid season by my big Danish centre back, he's my Vidic. Frederic Djidonou Superb for me again this season, I absolutely love this guy and really drives the team forward.
  9. [FM11] It all began in Ireland

    It worked, ended up scoring 50 goals a game, thanks guys
  10. 30 appearances and 14 goals in 5 years for City in my game, went to Brescia for free and 147 games and 47 goals for Brescia so far in 5 seasons with them, helping them get to Serie A.
  11. [FM11] It all began in Ireland

    Maybe just a tad may a 1-0-9 would be more stable to the team, if I can get a 12foot 1000lbs speedy defender it could work
  12. At least you're keeping up doing well at home, and still having plenty of goals in all your matches
  13. April Fool!!

    I just got a bag of crisps and a can of coke
  14. [FM11] It all began in Ireland

    Nope, but a bit slower than I would like, I need to get some more goals time to switch to 0-0-10
  15. Sweet start to the league, my prediction of back to back promotions may be on