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  1. just running avg which causes no probs (especially since it runs smooth on medium) nvidia did install a new driver recently, however its working fine on all other games
  2. update: crowd to high/med/low all 3 still jerking but very slightly less at low. a little less even more at OFF. crowd OFF and stadium OFF - slightly less still but still jerking especially at top half of screen crowd OFF stadium OFF scenery OFF - little less than above but still jerking slightly at top of screen all settings back to recommended (very high) then switch graphics quality to medium - NO JERKING. Are you telling me that my PC which cost me over 1k to build cant run this game on anything more than medium settings? lol you guys have some real bad optimization somewhere since a few weeks ago.
  3. Hi. i havent played in a few weeks, and used to run the game on very high settings flawlessly. Now all of a sudden, the 3d match is all jerky, but it depends who i am playing against! Away to AC Milan, lots of jerking, away to Cesena only slight jerking, so i guess its something to do with how many fans are there? Especially since it jerks more when the ball gets in the top end of the screen where the fans up there would come into view (i watch from side view, Director). Theres no way its my system, running a GTX960 , i5 , 16 gig ram etc i can play any game i like on very high. It shows 4.5 stars in the settings. And like i said it was fine a few weeks back when i last played.... has there been an update since then? How can i fix this? As its not enjoyable. Thanks
  4. Is there any addon pack that puts retired players back into the game as youngsters instead of using newgens? Thanks
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