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  1. Me and a friend have a rule on our network game: No IWBs allowed. Stupid rule but thats life. I usually play with WBs on attack or automatic. Any opinion on that? Could WBs on support be better?
  2. Do you think players like Mahrez, Kalou and Shaqiri can do a good job as advanced forwards?
  3. My Hertha Berlin team won the Bundesliga at first try but results have not been that great in the beginning of the second season. Was doubting the tactic. Decided to go for AC Milan to see how that works. I know that we met a poor team but I can't remember to have scored 20 goals before on Football Manager ever.... Second game with this tactic. Away to the great Juventus. This tactic is still great! I use: !FM19BEOWULF4231KnapPressP103.fmf
  4. !FM19BEOWULF4231KnapPressP103.fmf is the best out there at the moment! I won the german Bundesliga with Hertha Berlin at first try. Unbelivable! Bayern Munchen had won six seasons on the trot.
  5. Great tactic although my strikers often have a bad day at work. But my results are great with teams like Roma, Everton and Tranmere plus England and Belgium too.
  6. I did this as another user did before me and the replay's were back: "Found a way around the problem. In preference, don't select "goal" replay but select something else and it should work."
  7. You can watch replay`s playing a network game you are saying? Im the host for this game and everything looks fine except no replay`s for me and my friend. Everything works fine playing solo.
  8. On FM16 it was not possible to watch replay's of goals on network games. I was really hoping that this problem was solved on FM17. Sad to realize that the bug is still there. Both me and my friend have chosen to see replay's but not possible.
  9. Gil Romero was out injured for a month or so. The team wasn't the same. Will Hughes was also out. My two best midfielders. I really need to buy a couple of midfielders that are world class like these two. I do train my players heavy on different attributes. My coach's are top class. When do you normally see improvement? I have trained a couple of players in quickness for many weeks now but their pace is still the same. Any advice? The players are from 17-24 years old.
  10. Gaston Gil Romero will come to Ipswich in the summer 2019. A very nice player. World class but not very expensive. He will be my first choice CM(D).
  11. Great stuff, m8!! Many of the players you mentioned are already on my shortlist. Kristoffer Ajer is doing an ok job as CM(D) but I will look for a more experienced CM. I will also look for players with potential for sure. Thanx! I have tried many tactics before. They have all worked great for a season and then maybe not that good the next. Especially away. Your tactic seems to be the tactic for years to come. Great! I play online with a friend. He "hates" me because of your tactic. My team is unbeatable.
  12. Any other players that you recommend for the central midfield(D) position? Cristig just signed for a russian club. I had no money left and have to wait until the summer with all transfers. Would a player like Alexandre Song of West Ham be a player for this position? Seems to be good in tackling, passing and so on. 31 years old on my save. Can get him cheap.
  13. I also use this tactic in another save where Ipswich is my team. We are top of the PL with 10 games left. We won the League Cup. We are in the quarterfinals of the EL and still in the FA cup. A fantastic season! 2018/19. This tactics works great both home and away. Great offensive football and also great in defence.
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