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  1. I have tried most tactics from knap but the one I use has given me the best results no doubt. Salah might be playing a bit out of position but doing great anyway. I train every player in their most used position.
  2. I have never looked at this. Maybe Im stupid but this view makes me a bit confused.
  3. Then we meet Newcastle and this happends. 40-6 in shots. Newcastle win 1-0!! Hopeless!
  4. Doing great in the league and in the champions league. Sheff.Utd beat us in the league cup 3rd round. I rotate a lot. Players like Neco Williams, Hoever and Minamino among others often play. Agressive teamtalk before the game no matter who we play. Agressive teamtalk at half time if most players have a below 7 rating.
  5. Insane! Out of words! Crazy!! Real never had a chance. Real had Modric sent off after 2 mins but unbelivable anyhow. Tactic: FM20.4.1 FireandwaterVOL24312P101EC
  6. Beating Man.Utd 4-0 on Old Trafford doesn't happen everyday. Impressive tactic! Sunderland is also doing great on another save I have. Creds to Master knap! FM20.4.1 FireandWaterVOL24132P101EC
  7. Just to make sure that I haven't misunderstood: You use the pressing traps you have set and also ask your assman to add his instructions?
  8. Great result! 5-0 up at half time. Can you share your team talk before the game and at half time? Do you pick the players who takes the set pieces?
  9. Great first full season using your tactics with Nottingham Forest. Won the Premier league and League Cup. Lost the FA Cup final and Champions League Final. Season 2026/27 but only my third season at Forest. This is my big save this year. Startet out at Ajax, went to Spurs. Got fired there after we won everything because I flirted with a couple of national teams. Levy is strange. Had a short spell in french 2nd division before Forest called. They were then in the Championship. My England team is doing great also although losing in the National league final to Italy on pen's was sad. Rashford missed a penalty in the 94th minute on 0-0 and we headed for extra time. No goals there either and on penalties Italy were just too good. Pickford had been outstanding most of the game but he was not able to save any of the penalties and Italy were champions. You deserve all the credit you can get for your magical tactics, FuSS! Both the original and the updated versions are great! Very nice football to wach. My main two strikers both scored around 25 goals in 45+ matches which is decent I guess. Very up and down. From world class to poor. That's football. We are now looking forward to the 2027/28 season. A new stadium will be ready in 2030. Happy times at Forest!
  10. Every team that I take seem to love this tactic. Startet a new save today with Sunderland and they have really startet outstanding. My reserves even beat Stoke away in the league cup which was great. Agressive teamtalk before the game seems to be very important.
  11. Watching Sunderland 'til I die season 2 on Netflix now. Sunderland have just bought Grigg for £3 mill from Wigan. They were really desperate for a striker when Maja left for France. Grigg is a good striker for league one but seems like he is struggling to find back to his best form from a few seasons ago.
  12. Very impressed by this tactic. My 1860 Munchen team met big brother Bayern Munchen back in Bundesliga 1. 1860 are favorites for relegation. Changed the mentality to cautious before the game and Bayern never had a chance. Stunning!
  13. Where would you put Dele Alli when playing for England? As an inside forward or would he do fine as an advanced playmaker or mezzala? I prefer Rashford and Jancho on the left side and sterling and Lewis-Potter(developed to a world star) on the right side.
  14. My Nottingham Forest team in 2027 are much better than the real life one but we get a draw way to often. Changed to this tactic and followed the teamtalk and shouts too. Two great results against two difficult opponents. Bravo, FuSS!! Ps! I must also mention that I early saw that Man.Utds strikes were getting too many nice passes from Pogba and the other fella and used OI's from around 15 mins. Worked wonders its seems.
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