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  1. Damn bro, I still remember your FM2006 and 2007 tactics! I'm gonna start a new save with this one purely out of respect
  2. It's just the league. However annoying that is, I haven't won CL yet. Getting very unlucky year after year. EDIT: It is currently 30.05.2026 in my game, and I'm playing Chelsea in CL final. Leading 3:0 at half-time, so I can say for a fact.. finally
  3. I'm almost at 100 already. I don't remember which tactis I was using exactly (I started this save months ago), but atm I'm using Annihilator. Everything else is just your skills as a manager and some luck.
  4. Just gonna leave this here. (this is a long-term save which I don't play regularly, I was using like 4 different TFF's tactics so far)
  5. Ok this is going to be a really stupid question, but I'd like to ask why is my striker playing so well despite his poor stats? Let me explain. In my team, I currently have two strikers, Tom Walsh and Adam Campbell. Campbell's stats are considerably higher than Walsh's in all areas. However, Walsh, despite his very sub-par stats, is actually playing better and scoring more! It would make sense if Campbell was a new signing, however he's not, its his second season with me. Both players are happy and fit. Is there any logical explanation of this madness other than "nice rng"? :X EDIT: as I'm typ
  6. Wrong link. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/308616-Mr-Hough-Rises-Above-The-Hate-FM12.2
  7. Team talks are the key. If they react well, the only way your morale could possibly get destroyed is if you lose a few games in a row. Obviously that's assuming they're not unhappy for other reasons, like wanting to leave the team.
  8. I would upload more screenshots but I'm too lazy to put them all on internets, so bear with me. It's December 2016 in my game. Last season I've finished with 29 wins and 1 draw, conceding less than 10 goals, and scoring 120 or so (don't quite remember, as it was previous season). My top striker, Javier Orozco, scored 75 goals in all competitions, with 50 of them in the league. My team is without a doubt best in the league by far, but I'm having success in europe too. I've met Bayern again, and after two trashings I gave them last time, I was hoping to repeat that (screens from that are a few
  9. Got to CL quarter final, where I lost to Porto (0:2, 0:0). It's still a tremendous success, but I'm thinking that if both of my good AMLs weren't injured, I'd have put up a better fight. I'm probably going to holiday the rest of season, since I won the league a while ago. Yeah, a little after half of the season. 25 games, 24 wins, 1 draw, 0 losses. 97 scored, 6 conceded. Quality job Hough.
  10. Not bad. I don't win every game like that, Bayern is apparently unlucky ;p
  11. I have two good right backs and a mediocre left back. Can I safely play one of my right backs on the left side despite the fact that they're both right-footed?
  12. Loaded old save before CL final just for the lulz. And this is how it ended. I'm Vitesse. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/3/wtfjm.jpg/ What the hell? Fluke? Or is this really that good? EDIT: replayed the game. Lost 1:2 after very even match. Also scored an own goal >_>
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