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  1. I wish we could control the frequency of transfers in FM. For example have an option between; low, medium, high. This would be very beneficial to those of us who enjoy playing long term games and want to keep the FM world as close to real life as possible. By having this option, we could for example, turn the frequency down to low and that would increase the chances of FM squads resembling those of real life squads because after a few seasons in, some of us find our selves stranded in a whole new world, an unfamiliar world with so many changes, that it's not much fun anymore. Just a thought that I hope SI takes into consideration for future FM versions since this is what I really want the most.
  2. It's been mentioned before, and I know the chances of it happening are very slim due to mainly research issues, but I would love more African leagues. There is so much talent in Africa and only having one league in the whole continent really sucks, but the amount of leagues already present in FM is much better then any other game in it's genre, and that's great. If we could see the leagues of Ghana, Egypt, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, and Cameroon, to name a few, it would be just incredible. Could you imagine managing in Sierra Leone? Now that would be a challenge. I hope we do see more African leagues added in future FM releases.
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