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  1. Looks like it. Speaking if which, I'll be at the press conference tomorrow at Granada CF, as they present their new manager, Anquela. Suspect there may be some official news about one or two player signings too. Hope so anyway.
  2. Haha... look at the banner headline - http://www.watfordobserver.co.uk/sport/
  3. I wouldn't put exact figures on things yet, but I think Watford can be assured, any debts they have will be cleared. That was the very first thing the Pozzo family did at Granada when they arrived. I read a statement from the Watford Supporters Trust this morning, that was pretty laughable. Can understand certain doubts they might have, but seriously, the club is in good hands with the Pozzo family and they will look to develop the club and back them towards the Premier League. After all, it's in their interests too, to have three clubs, playing in three of the top leagues in Europe. They are football people, which is much more than can be said of many owners of clubs. Interesting was the speculation that they might bring in Zola as manager.
  4. Interesting times ahead What Cleon said. Mind you, would be interesting to see what would happen in that scenario. Most likely any time soon, would be if Granada qualified for Europe. Whilst I can't see this happening in the next few seasons, they're growing steadily and tight as the Spanish league usually is beneath Real Madrid and Barcelona, you couldn't rule it out either. Don't know if there's any precedent for clubs of different countries, who are owned by one person or group, having met in Europe before? Can't have the same person or group involved in more than one team, in any of the divisions in England, as far as I'm aware. Somewhat different in Spain. Former Real Madrid president Lorenzo Sanz owned Málaga CF, whilst at the same time, his sons were presidents or directors at other Spanish clubs, such as Granada, Recreativo, Cádiz, Almería... May have changed slightly, as I know had Granada been relegated to Segunda and Cádiz won promotion, Granada president Quique Pina would have had to choose one or the other. Can't have two clubs with the same people involved as directors or owners, in the same division now. The way Granada are being run is a good sign for Watford though. Granada are one of too few clubs in Spanish football, who are debt free. At the moment, I'm wondering if Gino Pozzo will have a more "hands-on" role at Watford, or appoint someone to run the club in his stead.
  5. I find Twitter has been quite useful. Mainly for me keeping in touch with people in the football world, such as players, coaches or other football writers. I Speak to a lot of Granada CF fans through Twitter too. Ultimately, I'm "following" things I'm particularly interested in and sometimes pick up some useful information. Facebook was more of a "novelty" for me, that I quickly got bored with.
  6. Sexy football Barely use Facebook these days to be honest. Mostly seems to be folk I went to school with, prattling on about what their eating, etc... useless crap like that. You'll regularly find me on Twitter though, yabbering in English or Spanish... sometimes about Football Manager with Cleon and others recently.
  7. Will be interesting if the deal with the Pozzo family goes ahead. Needless to say, I'd already written about it first thing this morning - Udinese, Granada, now Watford for the Pozzo family Of course, I'll be following what happens closely. The Watford academy will be an attraction, plus the opportunity to push for promotion to the Premier League. The Pozzo family will back the club well, without spending silly amounts of money. Won't be able to have as many player loans in the Championship of course, but you can bet there may be a good few talented young players that'll head their way. Most likely would be Watford signing players, but Udinese having first option to buy or a percentage of any future sales.
  8. Full press accreditation and "access all areas" at Granada CF next season Met with club officials this morning, who were impressed with my coverage of the team for various websites through last season. Absolutely delighted
  9. Oh and as for the EURO's... Belgium will win it... sometime... in the future... maybe...
  10. My latest pieces for a couple of sites... Political row breaks in Granada over stadium finances - for El Centrocampista President Quique Pina set to stay at Los Carmenes - for El Centrocampista Quique Pina to stay president of Granada CF - for Inside Spanish Football Shameless pluggery
  11. Was baffled at how England managed to pick up the yellow cards, but nothing for France. Referee was pretty crap though and certainly seemed to favour France. Have been laughing with my Spanish friends though, about Spanish referees. They all agree, Spanish national team is great, have some great teams and players in La Liga, but the referees here have to be amongst the worst there are.. Opening game, Spanish ref... awful decisions, cards and a penalty. I pity any teams that get a Spanish referee, I really do, having watched their ineptitude all season long.
  12. Not particularly disappointed with the result, but also wasn't impressed with the way England played. That said, that's how Woy teams play and to be honest, England just haven't the quality to be more adventurous, or play "pretty" football.
  13. Got the Game of Thrones game by Cyanide Studio. Games starts with the intro music from the fabulous HBO series and I start getting excited... ... but dear or dear... what a waste of a great IP it is. Utter turd of a game. Awful graphics, awful controls, awful dialogue... possibly the worst action/adventure game I've played for some time.
  14. Granadino Rojiblanco : Anquela the next Granada CF manager? My first article in the regular blog for Granada CF, I'll be doing for Inside Spanish Football, through the summer and season ahead. Will also be doing previews and post match reports from games too.
  15. Anyhow, just to change the subject... Ever classic... Rodney Dangerfield [video=youtube;cMVvTl83gWg]
  16. More tips for NF... If you're worried about an inferiority complex, don't worry, even the biggest names suffer from that too...
  17. Some dancing tips for NF, from the one and only, George Takei Some moves to remember there NF... next time you're out "trekking" for the gals
  18. NF... take my motto on life... *Jamaican accent* Sh¡t 'appen
  19. Tomorrow, you will win the lottery, and attract so many women, you'll think you were in a Lynx advert...
  20. See the post above. Won't cure the hamstring, but might take your mind off the discomfort, somewhat.
  21. Want me to throw in a trip to Don Pepe's "Puticlub", so long as the missus and kids aren't coming? Important to remember if you see a building with "Club" written on it in Spain, it's not necessarily a sporting institution... ...though it depends on your idea of "sport" I suppose. Nocturnal acrobatics, anyone?
  22. As well as writing for www.elcentrocampista.com I'll also be writing for www.insidespanishfootball.com throughout the new season. Have also had a few other offers that I'm mulling over. Don't want to take too much on, but I'm enjoying the writing and have full press access at Granada CF next season.
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