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  1. Athletic Club Bilbao 3 - 5 Real Betis Balompie Now THAT is how you start a season.
  2. He "uses" supermarkets as a public convenience, on the way home from the pub. Haven't you ever wondered who the person is, who leaves the giant turd & reams of bog roll everywhere?
  3. Tyoldinho is immortal... he doesn't need food, therefore has no use for supermarkets.
  4. Just got back home from La Manga. Great week with Granada CF. Oh and Purefun... remember Ritchie Kitoko? Was at Granada in 2ªB4. He's still contracted to Udinese. Was at Tenerife last season and has just joined 2ª side Girona. No Belgians at Granada for you to follow this season though
  5. Just been offered a job with Granada CF radio & Granada CF TV Get to travel around Spain with the club, blab about (in Spanish & English) football and generally have a jolly good time!
  6. I do know that the Pozzo family were obviously attracted to English football, because of the possible financial rewards. Looked at Charlton Athletic first, then ended up taking over at Watford. Wouldn't be at all surprised to see more English clubs getting snapped up. New owners can invest what might previously have seemed a large amount of money for a lot of Championship clubs. Pales in comparison to the returns they would make taking a club to the Premier League though.
  7. Have Nottingham Forest started splashing out with their new owners yet?
  8. A lukewarm 45ºc where I was working this morning. Had to keep my coat on.
  9. I don't want to be referred to as "Sir" - I work for a living... well... sometimes...
  10. Meanwhile... one of my Spanish mates has been busy with Photoshop...
  11. New Granada CF goalie Toño, alongside some strange English bloke...
  12. Weather absolutely terrible here too. Have been utterly drenched with sun. Where I was tiling a roof terrace today & it was 40ºc. The tile adhesive was almost setting quicker than I could get the tiles down.
  13. I just notice some very strange reactions from time to time. Far too regularly, unfortunately. One of the key things I tend to do, is build an extremely strong coaching staff, especially when it comes to an assistant manager. Mainly though it's negative reactions by highly determined/professional mentality players, in the face of an awful performance, when I criticise those performances. Then on the other hand, I give a "weak" player mentally a roasting, who reacts with consummate professionalism. Sometimes, the reactions just don't seem to stack up as they "should" do, logically speaking, when it comes to the "mentality" of the players, based on their reasons for reacting badly. I have absolutely no evidence to suggest things are either working as intended, or not. Still just a tad frustrating though.
  14. I just stick to something fairly simple with the TC, bring in players to suit each of the roles I'm using, then utilise the shouts. I'm also not afraid to rotate players in my squad. The most frustrating aspect for me with FM, is the "morale" & team-talks aspects. The amount of times I see completely illogical reactions to perfectly logical team-talks, is the most perplexing part of the game. Same with private chats.
  15. Time to relax more and cultivate a nice paunch. Belly says - Si
  16. Article Here Has been a crazy couple of days since writing that article. People in England & Watford wanting more comments and analysis, whilst people in Granada are loving the attention and delighted with their "adopted Granadino"
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