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  1. Tiemoue Bakayoko, Tanguy Ndombele, Otavio, Dragos Nedelcu, Theo Valls, and Santiago Caseres all seem fit for that role.
  2. He's been fantastic, and well on his way to being a world class defender.
  3. RBL has some high quality youth in their system, although I don't know if they count as hidden.
  4. This is true, but as a wealthier team with a need you can often pick up an upgrade for less than what they should go for in transfer funds, and still be able to afford the wages. I still find that this often works with middle of the pack teams if you do it for one or two guys. I agree that it isn't realistic at all though.
  5. On the bright side, you can often pick some of these guys up for far cheaper after they get upset and the lack of play has their value drop.
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