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  1. This is a known issue, and the screenflow functionality doesn't kick into action until the game has actually stopped processing, so it could quite possibly process past these days, thus missing out on fixtures/results. One possible solution is the addition of an extra setting per screen flow, to stipulate that you want to force the game to stop processing at certain times in the day. Anyway its not a silly question and we are looking at solutions to this for FM2011.
  2. Patch "killed" my future transfers :S

    This is now being discussed in: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php?t=193327
  3. Issue regarding future transfers

    Just to try and narrow this issue down, can anyone experiencing this problem answer the following questions: Did the future transfers disapear immediatly after loading your game up? If so, did this occur when you loaded up your save game for the first time using patch 3? Also are you running spain as an active league?
  4. What is important to note, is there will be a big difference in transfers between starting a new game and continuing an existing save game created using a previous patch. This is down to the structure of the AI shortlists being changed for patch 3. Those playing with an existing save game won't neccesarily see any improvements until all the AI shortlists have been fully updated, which could take upto 6 months game time. One of the biggest issues we have improved for patch 3 is clubs willing to spend too much money to fill their backup/rotation slots in their squad and also were prepared to spend too much money on ageing players. This is definitely a case of 'For best results start a new game' or just be patient whilst continuing your existing save game.
  5. Hi, PJSurf, I followed your steps to reproduce here with latest Patch 1 code and here are my results: I offered 32m cash, they responded by wanting 41.5m. I negotiate by offering 24m cash and 12m over 18 months and the offer gets accepted. All i did was start a new game in england with small DB down to League 2, take over Man United and make the offer as stated above. Is anyone else experiencing this problem stated above?
  6. Club Stature

    I would definitely report this on the bugs forum and also add the save game from before the season finishes.
  7. Player potential

    To get an idea of a players potential, you could always scout them and the scout on his report card will give you a star rating on what he sees as that players potential compared to the standard required at your club. He could also mention as to what level he believes that player could eventually perform at as well as doing a comparison with the best player at your club in the position that the scouted player is most accomplished.
  8. Failing medical! Help

    From what i understand is that in real life it's down to whether or not the club will risk signing the player without insurance cover. A player can't be insured against career threatening injuries/loss of earnings unless he passes that medical. Without insurance the club would then be liable. We don't go into any real detail regarding the inurance aspect of the game so just ensure every player has insurance and therefore the club isn't liable.
  9. Alex Ferguson

    Prefix's were added in one of the past versions of the game as part of the first name. e.g. 'Professor Tom'-first name, 'Cannon'-surname which caused a bit of a headache when you would get 15-16 year old newgens who re-use existing names being called 'Sir' / 'Professor' / 'Doctor' etc.
  10. Season Expectations

    It's a very high risk strategy, and could well lead to you being sacked, unless you actually achieve/come close to what you said you would.
  11. Failing medical! Help

    At the start of the game Barnes is out for 4 months (knee ligaments) and Ronaldo is out for 5 months (damaged knee cap), so therefore aren't possible to sign. However if you are further into the game and they have recovered from their injuries and this is still occuring then i would log it in the bugs forum.
  12. Question for Si

    The game will decide who makes an approach to takeover a club, so in theory it should vary from game to game. However if you edited the file add_my_chairmen.edt (instructions contained within the file itself), and started a new game then there would be a good chance that the chairman you specified in the file would make a takeover approach.
  13. Question for Si

    There is a setting in the DB to inidcate the most likely clubs to have a takeover near the start of the game. The game once it has started will decide at which point a takeover will occur. The timings of these takeovers can vary.
  14. Favoured Personnel

    Praising players when they have played well can gradually get them to like you. Winning trophies is also a way to get them to like you.
  15. Most of this will be down to the Competition Expectations being reset for the upcoming season. If you have performed well in the previous season then your club stature should have increased. Club Stature is the long-term gauge on how well you have been doing, whilst the Competition Expectations are the season by season gauge. Some parts of confidence are a lot more influential regarding overall confidence level. The Club Stature & Competition Expectations are far far far more important than any of the other confidence sections, when it calculates the overall confidence for that manager. Each competition is also individually rated according to the importance of that competition to the board, with the league and any other european competitions taking priority over any of the domestic cups.