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  1. Hi Ben, You need to change the Text Colour field in the kit details. For Lens you might have to add that in as they might not start with one in the original data. Cheers, Calum.
  2. Can you upload the save game before this happens to you? I can't get this to reproduce from scratch with the edit file from the FTP. Which leagues are you using when starting the save, also is it the first game you try to play or just a game midway during the season? Any other information you can give use would be great to try to solve this. Cheers.
  3. Hi, thanks for the file, we are aware of the crash and it is under review, could you try using the file and setting it on holiday for a few months to see if you still get the crash? It would be helpful for our testing as it's not something we are getting internally! Thanks
  4. Hi, can you upload your save again? Something seems to have gone wrong in the uploading process. Also can you upload the edit files you're using with the EEE file? Thanks
  5. Hi, this is not a bug it's a safety check as players so that players cannot be extracted without a position, so the editor gives the player a 20 rating in either Striker or Central Defender.
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