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  1. - News story when one of your players is invited to be a pundit on a TV show or for a live match or for a tournament - for example if an international is injured or not picked, then he could offer his thoughts for a broadcaster from the studio. - Offers to become a pundit when you're between jobs or at a major tournament, or one of your old clubs is involved in a big match.
  2. - Women's football introduced. It's about time this was included to give the game ultimate realism. - Lists of all-time appearances, clean sheets and top-scorers in competitions, such as how my players compare to PL all-time top scorer Alan Shearer. - Ability to be able to see shirt sales per player at any point in the season, as I am always intrigued by seeing the top few listed once a season. - I think that in modern day football players get in trouble a lot for their comments on social media, so it would be good if some of that could be incorporated into the game - or even post match reaction tweets from players. - Kit design should evolve from one season to the next. Game could give option for manager to select from a few kit options each season, or manager could chose to let fans decide
  3. Just had a couple of crashes with this update when selecting 'Respond to all' on loan offers for my player - is this being addressed?
  4. Hi there, FM2010 is crashing and creating the crash dump file 'FM 2010 v10.3.0.104859 (2015.08.11 15.42.26).dmp' whenever I try to advance the game from July 28th 2018. I have a back-up of the game but it does the same thing, crashing at the same point. I have experienced the occasional crash before, but always been able to reload and get past it, but not this time - I've tried all sorts of things to get beyond it but without any luck. Java, Direct X etc are all up to date, and I've always just used the standard FM2010 database without any modifications. I've deleted the cache folder in the hidden AppData folder and uninstalled/reinstalled from Steam. Still no luck and it breaks my heart! Any ideas?
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