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  1. No stadium moves for Dynamo or Chornomorets included. Rybka has recieved a well publicized 2 year doping ban, no ban in game. Loads of transfers missing. Very disappointing and I'm gona just do it myself
  2. I have just loaded the new update as has everybody, and you just have not done anything even transfers with Ukraine. Thanks for nothing
  3. go on to player instructions and change the 'try long shots' option and also during match put the instruction 'work ball into box' thats what i do! because my players always shoot from distance but i thinks its a bug or fome sort or something because im sure ive seen other threads on it!
  4. should just make them have massive debt. and lurching to administration but when that happens they will just get bought out and it wont be too realistic. the likes of man utd and liverpool debts should be looked at too.
  5. playing with bradford, i cant score more than 1 a game, (only once in 15 games) and everytime i score, i concede within 5 minutes...i agree sooo annoying!! so many drawn games fink its like 8/15!! ridiculous!
  6. Editor Patch/Steam

    Heya i was just wondering whether the Editor update is automatically updated by steam As i am at a university residence i cannot use a torrent downloader so cant use the editor properly Thanks
  7. Biggest/Best Stadium Development

    i got Stamford Bridge expanded by 120 odd seats, then the next year i got the 'Zola Arena' built!! 55806! with retractable roof
  8. Resigning

    sackings has been a bit of an issue as well as far as i am aware, with boards being exceptionally patient scolari would never have gone that way on FM09!!
  9. also annoying that there are people below you have won more trophies....both major and minor!!
  10. Stadium Rent

    it depends on who owns the stadium and how much they want to charge, for example, bradford city pay Gordon Gibb, who owns the stadium 300K a season for the stadium rent. (25K stadium) so stadium owners decide !!
  11. i think that when you drop a player, or use a rotation more should be made of it in the press. for example i often rotate my team and nothing is mentioned when the likes of drogba, lampard or terry are not in my chelsea team. It would be more realistic if i was questioned on these decisions, as Scolari was when he dropped Drogba from the squad and Benitez was when he dropped Keane. i often rotate my team just because i can and never get questioned on it. Therefore if results didnt go my way and i had left out star players then maybe the media could pick up on this and question my managerial style? i think this would add realism to the game, even the players could ask why they have been dropped etc... i know there is or at least has been the option in the past to suggest that a player needs a rest for a week etc, but i think press quastions and players challenging the managerial decisions could add another bit of realism to the game? what do you think?
  12. Staff Involvement

    that all sounds like a good plan. i think the director of football getting involved would definately add realism. then you could have fall outs like Keegan and Wise etc.. (y) good stuff
  13. find them yourself you lazy git!! but id go for graeme lee and mark bower as DC and then Peter Thorne as your SC
  14. balotelli

    i bought him in 4th season. 21million 10 goals in 10 games with robinho up front!! in a 4-1-2-1-2 formation
  15. davide santon

    i play him right back but thats probably because i dont play wingers, but jose bosingwa is in great form so i have to rotate which is annoying!!