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  1. I want to know has somebody done goalhorn pack to this game, because I would love to add goalhorns to game
  2. Hi! Sometimes (actually pretty often) when I play EHM, I am suddenly thrown to home-window screen, and the game is putted down like normally, when you go to home-screen from software. But problem is that I can't go back to game. When I try to click the icon in bottom of the screen, it shows not one but two windows and usually none of these works. I can't go back to the game and I have to sometimes force restart to whole computer to get EHM shutted down and restart it. I play on fullscreen. This is a huge problem to me and I want it to be fixed.
  3. I think that this is already said but this is what I want to be added to EHM: -Interaction. I really wish that you could hold team meetings, discuss with the board and hold press conferences. This all is in Football Manager -series and I would love the same system in EHM. Also it would be great if you had contract. I mean that in example you join Nashville Predators in 2016 and your contract is 2-year-deal. You would get maybe 100k for a year. And in end of your current contract you would have to sign a new contract to continue in same team. But most important thing is interaction -3D-game engine I know that this might be unrealistic wish, but I would love to get 3D-engine to the game. That would help me to see better what is happening in the rink (2D-engine is not detailed enough to see everything) These are my wishes, Good work so far Riz and others in development team. Kiitos Riz, että annoit meille lätkäfaneille tämän mahtavan kiekkopelin!
  4. Riz, I am asking you. Can you get your board to make the arena capacity bigger in EHM 1? If you can't atm will this "bug" be fixed?
  5. Hi! I red a conversation where people were discussing about larging the capacity of your team's home arena. They said that they have never been able to make the board to make the ice hall capacity bigger, no-matter how big your average attendance is (not even if there is a sold-out arena every time). I have the same problem. I want to know if anyone have been successful to do this and if this is a bug or not.
  6. Alright, if you haven't find the answer yet, yes Liiga is closed in real life, so you can't get promoted from Mestis to Liiga in EHM anymore. I don't know if there is a way to change it. It sucks tho
  7. Hi! I'm having this problem that when I go to "play" my teams game, suddenly there comes flashing lines to my screen. Or should I say they are fast flashes which are shaped like lines, kinda like in a old tv.They are pretty thin and dont come all the time, but it is really annoying. They only appear during games, the lines doesnt appear anywhere else in the game. Didnt have this problem till 1.1 update. Does anyone else have the same problem or a solution?
  8. I really hope that the update is coming soon, so I can play hot-seat-mode with my friend again..
  9. It crashes on me when I and my friend has a game against each other, when we play offline-EHM with multiple managers. Playing alone works fine. Could there please be an update??
  10. I have a problem. I play EHM Ea with my friend and we both manager Great Britain -league teams. My problem is that I cant select Group B or C in "standings". Doesnt matter which league or tournament it is, I just cannot look Group B or C and its starting to get really annoying. Fix it pls.
  11. I noticed that if you are GM of an NHL-team for example and you go to the roster management and u dont go back to the normal roster view (where you can dress players) and then if you are trying to look some national-team roster, the game crashes. This happens every time. I hope that this will be fixed.
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