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  1. Has this been patched? I just bought the game and thinking about the long term save, as I usually do, but this bug would basically kill it for me...
  2. Hi, Quick question. I'm trying to change some youth settings. In the past there was a specific table, where You could adjust the country newgen mental stats (Ambition, Sportmanship, Adaptability etc.) to values like average, above average and I cannot find it in the editor. Was it moved, or removed completely (last game I've played was FM17)?
  3. Hi, First of all, I know this is not the bugs forum, but I've followed the proper steps, got to Sega support, and they redirected me back to SI Games community, which redirects me to Sega support, so I'm stuck in a loop... To be honest, my issue is not a big one - one of my results from previous season 26/27 got duplicated, and it shows twice in the results, it doesn't impact the game, but it impacts me, to the point where I stopped playing the save I've been playing on and off for the past 3 years... Is there any possibility to edit the save file or do some hexedit to delete the in
  4. Still no luck... Unfortunately it looks like it's hardcoded to start 1 week after the ending of Ekstraklasa (when I've moved the last autumn fixture 1 week in the schedule the break lasted also 1 week). Do You know how the Season Periods (new system) tab works? Maybe any changes should be made there.
  5. It's a workaround, I've tried, and will have to live apparently since the option of registering U-21 players is nowhere to be found. Also, where can I set up the holidays for the players? Sometimes after the season the holidays are triggered, but sometimes all the players remains in club in training... I've also wanted to add mid-season break from 22.12 to 10.01, every year.
  6. Hi, I want to change the non-EU players allowed on the pitch in polish Ekstraklasa to 5 (it's 2 nowadays). How can I do it, without reseting all the registration/match rules? Once I've changed the fixture rules under the nation section, all of the rules dissapear. This is how they look now, and I want to amend only the rule about 2 non-EU players in the first 11. Is it even doable? I've tried recreating the rules from scratch, but firstly there are some issue with computer AI not registering new players at all... And I cannot find the rule regarding the U21 players that can be registered
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