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  1. I'm looking for some advice on an area of the game I'm struggling to get my head round (sorry if there is already a post about this). I'm unsure as to how Team Instructions, Player Instructions and Mentality all affect one another. For example, if I played with a Defensive Mentality with the Drop Deep TI selected would my defensive line hold itself in the same position as it would were I to have an Attacking Mentality selected or is it relative to the mentality. In other words do TI's overwrite mentality or work relative to them. Likewise if I have the Run With Ball TI selected but one pla
  2. I've played around this a bit and I prefer the WB role. I play quite a narrow 4-6-0 system so I like the WB's the stay out wide as much as possible to spread the play. I've found that the WB pushing forward into advanced wide positions encourages my Inside Forwards to make runs into the box which puts pressure on the opposition Full Back to either follow the IF and leave the WB free or vice versa. With the Complete Wing Back role I've found the player moves inside too often which can congest play in the middle of the park which often forces my IF's onto the flanks to find space which I don't w
  3. I've almost never had joy with Rooney in any FM for the last few years. As IRL I find him frustratingly inconsistent and a bit of a flat track bully who can't dominate big games. I've had a bit more luck with him in the current installment as a BTB midfielder as he isn't mobile enough to play up top in the current game IMHO. However, just as he was starting to develop into the role and turn in some good performances he broke his leg and is just coming back from 6 months out. His physicals are now shot so I'm going to attempt to develop him into a Regista for the last few seasons of his career
  4. Does anybody use PPM's to try and model youngsters on existing world class players? When I look at a young player and how I am going to utilize him going forward I always try use a world class player as a model for his development. I've trained up James Wilson to be and Raumdeuter in the style of Thomas Muller as he is a great young player but I almost never play a system with either an Advanced Forward or Poacher which are his most obvious positions. So I am basically trying the teach him all of Muller's PPM's while training him in the Raumdeuter posistion. He's currently got 29 goals and 1
  5. Do you ever find if you absolutely trounce a team in the first half that it becomes almost impossible to score in the second half? I just noticed the Swansea keeper in my game got a 6.1 which considering the score was 10-0 is pretty impressive. He was pretty much unbeatable in the second half.
  6. Hey first thread. Sure this has been asked before but after reading the 1000 years of FM post on Reddit and seeing Man Utd's 9-0 win over Ipswich still stood as the record I thought I would share this result I just managed against Swansea at home. 10-0 win but the amazing thing was 9 of the goals came in the first half. http://imageshack.com/a/img537/1082/8ghC26.png What's the biggest win you've managed against a decent opposition? Do you think these kind of results are unrealistic?
  7. Hey first post. I play a pretty similar tactic with my Man Utd side and I play a Deep Lying Forward. Falcao managed 35+ in all comps in my first (title winning) season in that role albeit with a few penalties thrown in. It might seem counter intuitive to play a lone striker in that role but I find although he drops back to get involved in the build up play by the time the ball approaches the final third he's in or around the box. I also have him running into channels as like yours my tactic is quite narrow and you can't always count on your Full Backs/Wing Backs to get forward and provide widt
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