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  1. Same here.. much easier to understand if you can see the schedules!
  2. John Smith, I love the work you've put into the OP. It looks great and is very interesting. Newcastle is quite a challenge and was always one of my favorite teams in the PL. It will be the first team I manage in FM 2010 Looking forward to it... KUTGW!
  3. FM09: The Official What Team Should I Be Thread

    I'm looking for a team with a high reputation, not too good squad and average money.
  4. Mac Editor for FM09?

    I also get the lang_db error. What's wrong?
  5. You're totally right, but this is not the moment to have this discussion. Maybe next year we could do before FM releases?
  6. A random number... which is usually high? random <-> usually
  7. Where did you get this info? The "Mac Patch Waiting"-thread hasn't been updated since noon.
  8. My guess, there are two possibilities why we're kept in the dark for the last couple of hours: possibility nr1 - Ter is chickenshit about telling us it's being delayed once more (patchrelease: later this week) possibility nr2 - SI is putting the last touches to the patch (patchrelease: tonight )
  9. I bet you're right. Might be 8.00 tomorrow, or Friday though
  10. A quick summary to keep things up to date: 1. release on Friday! 2. Monday. 3. hopefully Tuesday.. Hopefully? It better be.. Btw, what's the reason for this new delay?