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  1. Hi everyone, sorry if this is in the wrong place. Long time FM/CM fan, every few year purhaser. The last version I bought was FM13, and in that version, with the editor, you could not modify the American soccer pyramid to have promotion and relegation without causing it to crash on loading the xml file. Many work arounds included replacing other countries. Is this still the case in FM17? Was it fixed in previous versions? Deciding if I should keep ruling Aruba in FM13 or upgrade. Thanks!
  2. This has been around for a long time in EHM: On the trade screen, when you select a player as excluded (red do not enter sign) quite often the AI will still counter offer with that asset included. Example Uploaded as Asher413_TradeDemands. The example is trading with Montreal, and if Mark Eaton is excluded.
  3. I have been trying to import a database with the 2015 ruleset (it's really a modified version of the EHM default database), and was told the following error: "Cannot find team with unique id 105980 to set continental flag !" The conclusion at the Blue Line was there weren't enough teams in the database (see discussion here): http://www.ehmtheblueline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=110&t=16922 I'm not 100% sure it's a bug, but unfortunate that (I think) the CHL interferes with database imports. It has forced a couple of retro databases to use 2006 rulesets only.
  4. Ivan- the '98/'99 databas uses the 2005 CBA, not 2013.
  5. Just ran into the same issue- playing the blue line challenge with the 1998 DB- in November 2001 the Philly Phantoms forfeited due to too few players. They had two under their contract, and only 10 from the Flyers. I don't have a save right before (I actually noticed while it was saving) just two weeks before.
  6. I will upload later today. I am in the 2000-2001 season with a 1998 start date in the blue line challenge. Using version 1.2.1f, in Feb, the European Hockey Tour took several NHL players to international duty midseason.
  7. If/When the 2017 ruleset with 31 teams comes out, I could see it as not being too hard to do it manually. You'd probably have to use the pre-game editor, and the protected lists (assuming the 2017 ruleset will be after the expansion draft). I might do it myself manually, as I always love a good challenge.
  8. Another line selection thought: Some realistic fatigue AI. In the event my team spends 18 minutes on the power play, the AI still seems to want to start with the first line all the time when it's set to 'equal' rather than some evaluation that says "These guys haven't been on the ice for two minutes, let's start with them". Recommendations (probably not simple or feasible): some sort of fatigue setting (see WhatifSports basketball for a simliar idea) where if a guy is under x level of energy, his line gets skipped or he gets replaced on that line. In general, I'd just love to see more options (especially when coaching a game) on which lines to send out and when. I'd also like to see the line matching be about players, not lines (ex, put out these three forwards if Ovi is on the ice against us). Maybe even if you are just simming games, instead of telling the coach what lines to send out, give him a target time on a player (ex. I want these three forwards to get 18-22 minutes, these guys 8-12, etc.), which would also make coaches more important if you could tie in their ratings with how they meet those 'suggestions' from their GM. Also, more options on 'simming' such as checkboxes for "pause on goals", "Pause on penalties" or "Pause every 5 minutes".
  9. I thought it was patched. This was a version from three months ago with the issue.. Has it popped up again?
  10. Sorry if it's been said: I'd like to see more options about when lines and d-pairs are on the ice. For example, a slider on how often a line can be put on the ice on defensive or offensive zone draws, if you're a home team the chance to 'avoid' a player (don't put player x out if player y is out for the road team), or on the other side more clear options on shadowing (always get d-pair 2 out when player x is on the ice). From B72 on EHM (and I agree)- I'd like to see "ask coach" be possible for tactics as well (I prefer to be more GM than coach). More chemistry feedback from your staff "Winger A and Center B have been clicking in practice, we should put them on the same line" or "These two players styles just aren't working together" More player affinity with staff (listing staff as favorite people organically) Better AI cap planning- the AI doesn't look at next season's cap until after July 1, and will reject trades based on going over the cap in late June when they really aren't. Rentals/trade-to-sign- let pending UFA's have some value, and somehow have that last week effort to sign a guy (conditional picks would help this a lot, 6th round if he doesn't sign, 2nd if he does, or plays games, not too dissimilar to some transfer clauses in FM) Sorry for the random list, but all things I've thought of and haven't typed up!
  11. A news item saying a specific player will retire at the end of the season comes up, then the next day he retires. These items were July 1st and 2nd. Would prefer the news item changed to "Decides to retire this offseason" or something like that (I'm quite fine with offseason retirements, the text just bothers me.) Player Pierre Turgeon File Uploaded "Turgeon Retire"
  12. In a game (don't have a save before), Ben Lovejoy has been out for almost two months, but I get a news item that requires response saying that he has been undermining the team's tactics. Hard to undermine when you're hurt, and makes less sense since we've had a worse win percentage since he was hurt.
  13. I know it's been this way for a long time, but filtering by 'scouted only' does not match one's intuitive thoughts on what it should be: Scouted only filters out folks that I currently have asked my scouts to scout, not everyone who I have a scouting report on.
  14. Reputation IIRC, not leadership (most popular players- at least that was the original in CM years ago)
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