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  1. Another line selection thought: Some realistic fatigue AI. In the event my team spends 18 minutes on the power play, the AI still seems to want to start with the first line all the time when it's set to 'equal' rather than some evaluation that says "These guys haven't been on the ice for two minutes, let's start with them". Recommendations (probably not simple or feasible): some sort of fatigue setting (see WhatifSports basketball for a simliar idea) where if a guy is under x level of energy, his line gets skipped or he gets replaced on that line. In general, I'd just love to see more optio
  2. Sorry if it's been said: I'd like to see more options about when lines and d-pairs are on the ice. For example, a slider on how often a line can be put on the ice on defensive or offensive zone draws, if you're a home team the chance to 'avoid' a player (don't put player x out if player y is out for the road team), or on the other side more clear options on shadowing (always get d-pair 2 out when player x is on the ice). From B72 on EHM (and I agree)- I'd like to see "ask coach" be possible for tactics as well (I prefer to be more GM than coach). More chemistry feedback from your staff "Wi
  3. 28 of 30 first round picks? Sounds like you should also post how you're trading so they can check that! On topic- last thing I can think of- does the board confidence say anything about those players? Sometimes it will say things like "so and so shouldn't be part of the team" or "so and so is indispensable"
  4. I wish there was a way (maybe i missed it) to save line combinations.
  5. What version is your game? And I don't recall if 3v3 is only when you start a new game after a certain update or if older games have it.
  6. Its visible both on the player card's stats (all the way right), and going to the league's player stats, and you can also filter that by teams.
  7. Sorry for two in a row: I'd like to see the scouting report 8 grades (Puckhandling, Leadership, Defense etc.) on the draft screen, and be sortable by those. Would really enhance the game with hidden attributes.
  8. In playing The Blue Line's challenge I noticed: The 'variety' of scouting reports is a bit odd. I don't expect scouts to all agree on a player, but to have 8 different scouts have the same category as B- or B+, but no more variety is a bit strange. I have two of the exact same report cards, half the scouts say a player is one, half say he's the other... it feels too formulaic.
  9. I have done this in earlier versions of EHM:EA, haven't tested in a while. Check out the EHM Blue line (ehmblueline.com). It's a bit labor intensive versus what you'd expect, but you can edit DB's in 2006, then convert to 2015. Or they also have many db's for download. Not as nice as you are looking for, but it is a short term fix. (Someone over there is also working on a EA editor)
  10. I'd like to see more attribute range options. One of the things I like about OOTP is the option of 1-5 ratings, or 1-10 ratings. These to me are a great compromise between all hidden, and more challenging.
  11. On that subject, maybe a long term wish is that the minor league teams can be fully owned and operated by the NHL team? I don't know if it's all 30 AHL teams, but I do know a good number are indeed owned by their NHL affiliate.
  12. Happy to see that the preferred numbers are now visible in the game- sure wish they were visible on the screen where we assign them though.
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