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  1. Struggling with this year at lufc. Chopping and changing between 433 and 4321. Has anyone got any suggestions for team/player instructions that have worked for them?
  2. Possibly, but I always have closing down all the time and man-marking etc.
  3. I saw that list, that's why I checked, stopped playing it now till I know it's fixed, was playing as Leeds, who admittedly don't have the best defence, but by the end of October I had not kept a clean sheet and literally the only goals I conceded were from 30+ yards or from crosses. Similary the majority of goals I scored were from 30+ yards!
  4. Does it address the ridiculous amount of long shots per game/the number of long shots scored in a game?
  5. Think that's working Thanks a lot!!
  6. Ok thanks, hopefully someone can help.
  7. Now I'm being really thick, can't find run on the start menu on Vista, sorry.
  8. How would I do that? Sorry, bit rubbish with things like this.
  9. Tried again, it said 'Installing Desktop' - the green bar went to the end then it just went off, there is nothing on my desktop.
  10. Anybody? When I try via steam, it now flashes and says something about a desktop thing but flashes so quick I can't see.
  11. Thanks, still not working though Still asks for FM2009. Any other ideas anyone?
  12. Sorry to keep posting but it's annoying me now, just want to play it!
  13. Yes, when I don't install it via steam.
  14. Apologies if there is a thread this should go in, have looked around but can't find an answer. Basically, I got the game delivered today, I tried at first to install via steam, however when I click install, it starts to install (the green bar starts to move) then it stops with the message saying 'Installing' I then leave it to install but the box closes on my computer, it sounds like it is still installing but I have left it for up to an hour with nothing. I then tried to install it onto my computer without steam, the installation bar moved further but it asked me to insert my FM2009 disk, which I no longer have. My laptop has Vista and is only a year and a bit old...not great on computers so could be missing something obvious. Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi, I have tried to install fm09 on a new laptop, it's said that it's installed etc but there is no icon on my desktop and I cant run the game. All the files are all in my documents too. edit: not on steam.