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  1. Fuss + co, good tact, good thread, very helpful but not perfect (but that's the fun). My comments: (Playing HSV /Hamburg a team w/ limited budget, a 4th place team but no more): Using your V3 90% of the time: improved from 5th to 4th narrowly missing Champ Leag, because... - But still Losing TOO MANY BIG games against better teams!! of course I try adjustments but still, any tips here? - had a major AI reavaluation after 2 seasons, 3rd being ext. difficult. = (I find it hard too believe one should play only 1 tact. throughout season, do none of u ever change your tact.?). I decided i needed
  2. Fuss, PRETTY PLEASE can you post a screen shot of your v1? us MAC users can't read the downloads. I would love to SEE what it looks like. Anybody, thx...
  3. can someone PLEASE post a screen shot of the tactic? some of us can't open the file... thx guys
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