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  1. Anderson is freaking amazing as the amc in this tactic. he's become my favorite player, and he has been lethal this season.
  2. Here is my current season with Man U, 2010, just starting November. All games played with version 4.0, all the way through each match. I only use opp instructions for really tough games or great players on decent teams. The loss to Olympic Lyonais was a total fluke, I started a softer team and they got some breaks and I did some bad match management. Here is the team and the standard starting lineup. I don't have a left winger good enough to i really just use that spot to rotate nani, saviet, toni, asri to keep them getting some time on the pitch. pazzini - saviet are the main striker back
  3. when playing away against big clubs, besides removing the farrows on the fb's should i also click the counter attack team instruction?
  4. I dont know if this is the right thread or forum for this question, but does "for the fans" team talk work in road games at a rival?
  5. Ok thanks. I have tried using rooney as a target man with supply set to feet. I really enjoy this tactics set, makes for some very exiciting football. I'm about to start a new game as Milan and I'll report back.
  6. I checked Kimz site and faq for an answer to this but couldn't find it. Should I use playmakers and target men? I noticed the target man was unchecked so I didn't think I should be using that. But I'd like to know for sure. And if so, what position? I usually use the 1.1 tactic.
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