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  1. Sunderland came in for my player and I had to accept their bid of £2.5m but at least I can afford to considerably strengthen my team
  2. My player who I bought for £325k is now worth £1.8m so would I at least get his market value?
  3. When a player has a"big club release" in his contract. What does it take to activate it as a lot of my signings will only put pen to paper if it's in his contract bearing in mind that they are already improving their status by joining my league 1 club(as I often have to buy from non league due to lack of funds)
  4. Cheers. I usually play the full version but thought I would try the android game. Pleasantly surprised .
  5. In the training section ,what attributes would improve if i selected "technical" instead of "general"
  6. Quite often I notice that coaches and scouts say that the 'young' player has more or less reached his potential. Do other gamers accept this situation? How do they know that a certain player has peaked as some people develop much later. I,m only asking as i have a couple of youngsters which i expect to go onto great things but my coach report seems to indicate that i shouldn,t expect much more improvement even though they can,t be right all the time.
  7. If a player is on the transfer list I often find the selling club will accept a low downpayment with the rest spread over 4 years. Its a great way to stretch your budget. I often buy players from the top clubs in Europe who are worth a lot more than they are being sold for this way and its a quick way to greatly improve your team
  8. Not sure if it was FM15 but thanks for your reply
  9. I watched a you-tube video what stated that youngsters should have a heavy workload but when i tried to access the way he did it, my fm16 came up with a different format as the video. So how do i give my youngsters a heavy workload as mine is just coming up as average.
  10. I have just signed an 18 year old and he has a PPM of "static target man". What does this mean? And how do i get rid of it?
  11. After scouting "all known players" for various stats via the plus tab on the right hand side ,how do you remove them so that you can check other stats for a different position?
  12. First question is that i downloaded some promising talents into my shortlists. How do i get rid of them as i can,t seem to access players i have scouted and saved into my shortlist. Second question is i downloaded some coaches but don,t know where to access them and put them into my staff search facility.
  13. can you translate your formation into english please
  14. Do you use him as support or attack in your formation. With 18 assists looks like support?
  15. Thanks for the advice. He is a defender so i have set the wheels in motion. Changing him from a RB to CD
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