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  1. Good job on not giving up Sometimes the renewed determination is all you need to finally have fun and gather much required inspiration when a game get stale. Keep your central defenders. Hoofing the ball even on the name of counter is not sane. Put a bpd instead of limited if you want direct balls from behind. Just make sure you have the enemy defenders closing the halfway line and your dlf pressuring them so he can run past them if he manages to get to the end of the ball.
  2. There we go! So you've got a basic understanding of how you want your team to play. The base you want to work on is a tight at the back hardworking team that presses judiciously and have numbers upfront to steal the ball and lunge forward. How do you achieve that? In a counter attacking system you need your players to have distinctive roles ie your back four will def your dm will def and help carry the ball upfront , your mid four will def and help transition the ball to the lone striker. A clear and distinctive set of roles. That will open space laterally between each line(it sounds dangerous but it is not believe me) as each line is focused on doing the thing their duty dictates. Thus, you will always have someone defending, supporting and attacking. By changing your shape to structured you hit 2 birds with one stone. Team will be disciplined and inclined to follow your instruction to the letter getting rid of unwarranted creative freedom the small sides don't need to employ to survive. If you want to press their midfield as you wrote and since you have a dm behind your central 2 in the midfield you can switch the cm(d) role to bwm(d). I wouldn't recommend that but like i said since your bwm is not your last line of defense(dm present and all) youcan tolerate having the bwm. A word of advice its a very adventurous role as its field of pressing os humongous and will often xrift far from his starting position. I say keep your cm and change it to support duty and tick the closing down pi if you want pressing. And he will make forward runs as well
  3. If you wanna draw your opponent in and then punish him for over indulging then yes counter is perfect. A few things to note is hit early crosses and pass into space can be very beneficial with counter strategy. To be 100% effective there needs to be a receiver in the other end. Players that will get forward and run into space. Your shape and roles are the most important aspect of your tactic. If you want to change a tactic you believe is not working you should first look at them 2.
  4. I know you need help. I can tell But the decision should be yours. Its not of any use to tell you how to play. You should have an idea on how you wanna play. Tell me your preferred style of play amd how you think you can make it work and ill offer suggestions. I trust you know what i mean.
  5. Just gonna pile on to some things that need mentioning so bare with me, cuz i might be able to help you Do you really need 2 wingers? Or are your wide players more suited for the 'winger' role? Also (wb) with (w) both drift wide covering the same space. Swap the wb or the winger with something else. Drop your dlf to support duty to better connect with your midfield, and cover the gap of the non existent attacking midfielder. Also you can tolerate with putting your cm to support duty or even attack if your playing vs lesser teams. In terms of transition and passing when your b2b arrives late in the opponent's area he will try to shoot from afar anyways, you shouldn't feel the need to use the instruction to force him to shoot. You will have better chances feeding your dlf and forcing your players to connect with him rather than try to go for broke. In the end counter mentality also forces direct passing by default to pump thw ball forward. I somehow feel your team is hoofing the ball rather than keeping it. Ending, with the use of tight marking and get stuck in your players aggressiveness might prove problematic as it might indulge them to foul more when your defending. I realize you wanna steal the ball and trigger that sweat counter attack but those ti's will rather expose you but help you if your playing against agile and pacey players.
  6. Semantics. I treat it defensively, he treats it defensively. The truth is its effects are more defensive rather than offensive.
  7. Retain Possession is primarily a defensive ti. Unless he wants to see sideways passes and his number of goals and opportunities plummet id recommend against it. EDIT: Also direct passes are not hardcoded in any of those roles.He can choose to remove the pi if its over the top or if it needs toning up he can choose to select it.
  8. Cuz when you play defensively you want the ball as far away from your net as possible. Its not rocket science
  9. I don't really see any problem here tbh. Bad games can happen in all honesty.Its part of the game. The only issue i can help you with is, with balls over the top. And its easy to mitigate it. First i need you to check your schedule. Click as many matches as you can(preferrably your crucial matches ie Juventus and, Arsenal etc) and try to spot your opponents offside stat Is it high or is it non existent. If its the latter that means that the offside trap is not working and your back four is either very slow to anticipate pacey attackers or your shape and ti's just leave you vulnerable. Turn off offside trap and keep you wb's to support. If the stat is high that means its working but you should still keep your wb's to support to provide more cover. Perhaps you should play a bit more defensive.Lower the mentality
  10. What youre not specifying is how you concede. Is it cause of balls over the top or some other reason? Also to not win that means youre not scoring as much. A way to unlock the enemy defense of teams that understandably play safer against teams such as Barças you need to tell your team to stretch the field, take advantage of space by roaming around and play direct through balls. Instruct your team to play wider and your wingers with iniesta to try direct passes. It goes against your idea of tiki taka but you gotta make sacrifices
  11. Srry I take the liberty to answer this for you herne Two footed players will tend to have lower stats than the one footed player(cuz feets use a lot of CA) and unless you put his other leg onto good use, the one footed player will be as technical on one foot as the two footed player will be with both.One very good "pros" is that he will innately feel comfortable interchanging the ball at his feet compared to one where he might feel "discomfort"
  12. Herne I'd still keep looking if I were u.Unless of course those 2 are all u could find. Why? Because the second "speciment" is considerably worse in his ratings than the first one. So even if he does manages to play at the "highest" of his potential that will still probably be around what the other player could do at his worst. Another aspect u neglected to show was their age. If the second one is a youngster (which I suspect) all the above are considered moot.
  13. The attributes you're looking for i believe are called Professionalism and Controversy.
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