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  1. Usually I don't check too much here as I'm pretty more interested in other areas of the forum but how could not follow you? Cagliari is my town, my blood my everything! The idea to ask to the board to improve the facilities is quite realistic. This new board with Giulini as owner start in last 4-5 years to pay much more attention to develope young sardinian players (and not only of course... see Han or Verde i.e.) and improve the numbers of CTP in first squad expecially.
  2. In my project 1.0 of the Sardinian nation I've used an exint nation to do that and found a couple of problems doing with an exint one. 1) After creating the new nation it's not possible in game to select it if I want to start a new career and set the nation like mine nationality. 2) After creating 1st 2nd and 3rd division + nation cup in this new nation it's quite hard to make possible for the winners of the competition to participate to european competition per clubs like EL and CL. 3) An issue similar to the problem you find, I guess that for some reason the number of nations who could participate to UEFA european qualifying phase is set (not editable) and not possible to add a new nation to this group; at the same time I din't find the way to substitute properly one nation enabled with a new one. I've never tried to edit with the advanced rules in the editor something concerning rules of competition like Champions League, Europa League, Euro Qualifying tournament, Word Cup Qualifying tournament and so on as it's needed a large knowledge of the impacts you could have on the FM playability.
  3. @qaramba I have the same problems editing Andorra nation and creating Sardinian nation to make a sort of "Sardinian indipendent repubblic" divided by Italy. I've moved all the sardinian clubs who plays in italian competition to a three level competition only with the Sardinian clubs. Of course I've also edited the andorran cities moving them to Spain and moved in the new nation created all the cities with "region" Sardinia who were based in Italy nation. I've added a lot of players with sardinian typical name and surname hoping that the game will take from the db list these information to merge and create name and surname for the newgen but unfortunately I see that for example even if andorran city has been moved to Spain (the deleted with the editor but it doesn't change at all) some of the newgen were created born in these cities not in DB. Above all instead of having Andrea Murgia, Antonio Loi, Massimo Spissu and so on (name and surname who can be typical from Sardinia) I have newgen born in Cagliari or Sassari or Alghero but named Miguel Angel Lozano, Josè Aguilar and so on! I guess there's something on the FM code which is not allow to edit in a existing nation.
  4. Guys, I've decided to create a new nation from an existing one (instead of taking an extint one)! I'm in front of a "visual" issue in game which apparently I can't modify! When in game I try to search the players or staffers with the nationality created unfortunately I can't select by the nationality created but using the name related to the older nationality I've modified. i.e. I made Sardinian nation starting from Andorra; so in game in order to have a look of how much sardinian players only there are in DB loaded I need to select into the research by nationality the option "Andorran" as do not appears "Sardinian" It's not present in game the adjective sardinian even if in editing phase I've changed in the section "ALTERNATIVE NAMES" from "andorrana" to "sarda" (of course in italian language) I've also tried to check the italian file to see if there there's a sort of translation from Andorran to Andorrana and eventually change it but didn't find neither Does someone found a way to solve that in past?
  5. Just thinking, maybe it's not: there's a possibility that the league where the clubs are do not permit to have professional clubs? Set a future extintion is wide far from my experience about editing, looks something really particular to set
  6. Don't know why about first issue, I've changed some sardinian club they were semi-pro or even lower to pro and they keep the changment even without raising or touching the rep. I guess for the second you could flag the option "no more existing" or "not existing" (I don't know how it's set in English language) btw you should see on the main page for each club.
  7. I've already created with the fm19 editor; exactly as I did in fm18, this is possible (I still have to create a pyramid sistem competiton to be honest)....
  8. ok thanks for it, but you mean they are not manageable even after unlocking the "continent" field so you can use it in game as an existing nation but it's not possible to have a human manager with this nationality?
  9. Hi everybody, hope here I can have a reply! I've some questions: 1) after creating a new nation using an exint one (EAST GERMANY) I can't select this new nation for my manager profile when I start a new savegame, do I have to do some? 2) Is it possibile to set a new currency to this new nation created? 3) Is it possible to set the Capital city of this new nation created?
  10. I'm editing a extint nation but I don't find how to set the Capital of this new nation created and at the same time I have no possibility to create a fictional new value to can add into the new nation. Is it possible?
  11. Hi everybody, has already done in fm15, I'm trying to edit for fm18 too due to create the "Sardinian" Nation. In Fm15 first of all I've tried to edit an extint nation but as I couldn't have found the way to let the new nation participate to EURO and WC Qualifying I've changed my first idea editing an existing nation. I still had some problems but less then the fist editing phase. In Fm18 I'm trying to have a further step in editing phase and I have this kind of problems: 1) Using an existing nation (i.e. I'm doing a test with San Marino) I'm not able to edit population data and capital too of the nation keep being the older one has in default. This is it, even if the local area "Sardegna" (the only place I found in the editor where I can edit the poulation numbers) has been insert into the new nation "Sardinia". Here an example: (Logo at the moment is still the San Marino one as I didnt' have changed yet) Populaton is still 33.000; Capital is "San Marino" Minor thing: How I could edit the geographical position of the red viewfinder properly settled on Sardinian Island instead of in the Center-North of Italy? 2) Into the "personal information" panel of every sardinan staff/player(s) see below: on top on the right screen, close to nazionalità (nationality) FM18 do not recognize the changement between sanmarinese into "sardo" even if in the editor has been changed (in the "alternative names" panel of the nation editing area) Does anyone has some suggestion to try to solve this?
  12. Made just right now, the message error appears as in the other cases (even if editor is trying to be opened in shorter window). edit: as done already launching fm18 I've tried to launch the editor too putting the sentence then taking off the putting in again, then taking off! I don't know why but now I've just have opened finally! Hope I could edit something and no error message appears in case I want use modified DB in FM, but this is another history.
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